[Feature Request] Zoom-able Print Mode

Unless I’m missing something, it is not currently possible to zoom in/out when in Print Mode. It would be really helpful to have this functionality. For example, it would be really nice to be able to have at least “Fit Page”, “Fit Width” (I guess it already does this one), and “Fit Height”. If this functionality is already possible, a short explanation would be helpful. Thanks!

Can you elaborate on why you would like to zoom in in Print mode? Is it because you want to see what the music looks like without seeing things like frame borders, signposts, and the like? If so, we plan to add a means of temporarily hiding all non-printing items in Write and Engrave mode in the relatively near future, which I think will address that requirement.

I came across this issue earlier today and the reason I’d like to zoom in/out in Print mode is because I can’t see the entire page - and thus can’t see what I’m printing.
I was using an A4 score in landscape mode (Windows 10) and I can only see about 70% of the page.

I guess that would do it. I’m just used to being able to being able to do this in “Print Preview” of other apps to see exactly what will come out of the printer. Either way, yes, some way of being able to hide all non-printing items would be great. For me, there’s something nice about seeing the final project in print mode vs write/engrave mode. Not sure what it is (the background color or drop-shadow border maybe?).

The picture attached shows the issue I have with this. I don’t understand why I’m not allowed to see the entire page in Print Mode?
Print Mode.JPG


Did you ended up implementing this? Can’t find anything about it, and either ability to zoom in print mode, either hiding all non-printing items would be very much appreciated to preview the final sheet music.


+1. I too would really like this. I’ve obviously assigned a shortcut to hide signposts, but a single “print preview” shortcut that hides signposts, all frames, voice colors, out of range notes, and any colored sections (chords, slashes, bar repeats, etc) would be very helpful for final proofing.