Feature-request : zoom in read mode

As I use the dorico ipad version as “read” for my student, it could be great that we can zoom when we are in read mode
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Thanks for the suggestion. Can you say a bit more about why you would prefer to zoom in Read mode rather than using Write mode?

Thank you for the answer. Maybe there is something that I did not understand? but in write mode you cannot remove sidebars and the others!

And since I don’t have the biggest iPad or the best eyes in the world.
a vision as below (photo montage) in read mode (with the possibility of playing to help if ever students) could be good: in fact an e-reader or a pdf with the possibility of hearing :

Best regards and thanks for the version of ipad

Right, I see. I wonder whether you might find it useful to try sharing a PDF to another app, like Newzik, or forScore, which are more optimised for reading scores?

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You might be right, maybe this is not the ideal product for my use (although it is very close to what you shown on your photos down )
Thanks for the names of the other applications, but I think I’ll forget my idea, I don’t want to have 3-4 versions of the same score (dorico, pdf, xml, etc.) and as soon as we do a change, you have to start over.
But I think it’s still good to be able to study the project you’re working on in full screen (like other programs like after effect, word, …) because you can see certain errors better. That was the purpose of this request, both for the ipad (read) version and for the desktop (print) version of Dorico.

I did some tests reducing the margins as much as possible and doing different projects from dorico desktop: with and without margins and then opening them in the Ipad version, but I never manage to see what I see on your photos ?!
I allways have more marges! I think my ipad 6th gen is too small or too old?!
What kind of iapd do you use to obtain as yours photos:

Best regards and thanks again for always taking time in this forum

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Those photos were taken using a pre-release version of the app in the early summer, before it was released. Those were all iPad Pros, and they were all displaying Read mode.

Thank you for sharing these informations which shows that it is possible and makes me want … and Christmas is not so far and long to wait to zoom my ipad
best regards