Feature Request


Would it be possible to make it easy to switch between two different AD converters (in the master section for example) in a future version of Wavelab?

It´s a bit of a drag to have to go to preferences and switch in the I/O setup. I a-b two different AD converter all the time, so this would be a major time saver.


What would be your use for this?

When I´m mastering a song I like to a-b the song through a couple of different AD converters I have at the end of my analog mastering chain.

Right now I have to stop playback, go into preferences - Audio Connections, then change to the other AD converter.

It would be great to be able to instantly swap back and forth between my two different AD converters (Forsell MADA and Burl Bomber) to see which one fits the material best.

So a button in the master section / or on a record track to easily be able to switch between different inputs (without having to go into preferences) would be fantastic! It just takes a bit too much time to go into the Audio Connections all the time.

Although I can see the use of being able to quickly change input sources, I strongly vote against putting anything like this in the Master Section. It makes no sense since the master section is in the final part of the audio path within WL, not at the beginning of it.


This is something I do all the time in the DAW I use to play and capture from my analog equipment. I had a script made that will seamlessly toggle between two stereo inputs. It can be done while the transport is playing and there is not even an audible pop or click in most cases.

It’s very seamless and smooth and allows me to choose which AD converter I prefer for the material.

I agree that the master section is the wrong place to put it but generally speaking, this is one of the many things WaveLab is missing to prevent me from using it for analog play/capture when mastering with analog gear which is a majority of projects for sure.

I agree it doesn’t have to be in the master section. It can be somewhere else, but just to have the option would make life much easier!

I am with you. Before I was a WaveLab user I was using a combo of Pro Tools and Waveburner for mastering. I knew Pro Tools well from my recording/mixing days and Waveburner didn’t do any analog I/O stuff so it worked for me at the time.

When WaveLab came to Mac I thought I would be finally using just one app for the entire process but after a few days I just felt completely handcuffed and limited so I reverted back to Pro Tools for the analog I/O stuff and only used WaveLab for final touches, final assembly, and rendering all the master files from the montage. If I do a project that needs to analog gear, then I can do it 100% in the montage. I LOVE the montage.

Anyway, a few years ago I move from Pro Tools to REAPER for the analog I/O capture stuff and with the flexibility and amount of scripting that can be done in REAPER, it’s sped up my workflow by a ridiculous amount.

So as great as this one feature would be, in my opinion WaveLab needs to see a variety of improvements in this area to catch up to some other competitors and get to a point where I’d consider using just WaveLab and no other DAWs for the mastering process when analog gear is involved.

While using two apps might seem like a headache and slowdown, REAPER and WaveLab are so efficient for the tasks I use them for that it’s actually a net gain in terms of time, workflow, and enjoyment.

I’ve also tried using Reaper alongside Wavelab, but I didn’t like using two separate apps. I just want to be able to do everything with Wavelab. They really need to look at the routing side of the app. In that area Wavelab is really lagging behind most other apps.

I can’t disagree here.