Feature Request

Either add mono or a choke to mini sampler so we can add our 808’s as instruments and they don’t clash and have our mixer setting save along with the project. For example I like my mixer full screen and XL but when I reopen projects I have to readjust… Other than that I love what you all have done with Cubasis 3!!! Keep up the good work!!! Thank you🙏🏾

+1 PLEASE add mono support for the mini sampler!! The mini sampler is VERY limiting w/o that functionality.

I see no way to use long release samples (bass/subs). This lack of functionality pretty much stopped me in my tracks from using this app for song production. It’s pretty difficult to get a drum track down when any bass sound you use in the sampler plays over itself and sounds like garbage. Using one of the many other iOS daw’s that does have this functionality and switching back to Cubasis 3 just isn’t an option and kind of a deal breaker.

Would LOVE to see this issue remedied!