Feature Request


I have a couple of suggestions for feature requests:

  1. Automation showing on top of the audio and midi tracks.

This would save so much screen space. One key to flip everything on screen into automation editor, and the same key to close the editor.

  1. Plug in windows follow suit to whichever track is selected.

This would save much clicking during the mixing process. No need to have 15 plug in windows open, one will do with tabs across the top for each insert that might be on the track. Of course, an option could be there to pin it open, but one window open at a time is plenty in most cases. Also, an option to show/hide open plug in windows.

  1. Show/Hide tracks in the window.

There is no reason to have to have all tracks on the screen at the same time. A show/hide tracks area would be good, that only certain tracks become “on-screen” when needed. This way, if during a mix of music, you only wanted to see the music tracks, everything else could be closed.

Thank you.


Folder tracks?

Yes, but, it is still simpler to have a show/hide column, as Digital Performer and Studio One, or as in the case of Logic, tracks assignable to hide.


I would support number 1 only if I were able to select exactly which automation lanes (including NONE of them) were displayed. I also would not want to lose the individual automation lanes below the track (as it is now).

For number 2 I can think of situations where I would NOT want the plug window to follow suit with my selected track but I have also had cases where your proposal may be helpful (compressor on multiple tracks?) It seems like to me, however, that alot of cases where the insert is on many tracks, using an FX track may be more efficient.

For number three, while I don’t think I would use it much, I don’t think it would hurt. I am happy with the folder tracks and being able to take the track height to very small or split the track area in half, etc.

Tabbed browsing of plugin’s might be better than this horrible “rack” and could defeat workspaces once and for all.