Feature Request

please fix these misfunctions asap :

  1. undo stops playback THIS IS AT LEAST A PITA
  2. in order to take velocity changes in the midi editor into account you have to restart playback THIS IS AN EPIC FAILURE

your app is close to €50 - so no excuses allowed!!!

This guy is very irritating. I read he got his refund. Glad he’s gone. Please lock/remove his threads.

what’s so irritating? i asked about two requests and nobody even cared to answer - so i asked about a refund, because without these two features / fixes any app is useless to me…

what makes you want to remove this thread? if you can’ cope with different opinions then by all means don’t read them!

Not what you write, but how you write it is irritating. Everything must be done “asap”, is a “pita”, an app that does not work the way you expect is “unusable”, and each sentence ends with at least 3 exclamation marks. You have a style problem :slight_smile:

And what’s more – €50 for a DAW is insanely cheap, people just have come to get used to those ridiculously low app prices.

let’s face it - Cubasis is one of the most expensive apps - so i’d expect it to be superior to other cheaper apps.
other apps prove that these two features / behaviors are possible ( i’m refering to the undo behavior and to the midi editor issue ). these two issues are crucial for me ( i really do wonder why others don’t suffer from this limitations! ), so i dare to request them. as i didn’t get any acknowledgement i decided to drop Cubasis. end of story.

I too find Steinberg’s lack of response to problems / bug reports irritating. It is the nil response and subsequent versions coming out without fixes that is annoying, and I can understand how it drives people to want to request a refund. I agree that there’s no reason to be rude to the developers, but paying $50 to become a beta tester is just not on, especially infuriating when they just ignore your reports but respond to people making feature requests. I find that rude.

Hello dermichl,

I explained on this post why it is not possible to change the behaviour of the undo in near future and offered a refund:

You later claimed to have gotten a refund for Cubasis:

Why are you still here? I don’t know what we can do to help you now.
Now you don’t own the app anymore and are still writing offensive stuff which makes me close this thread.

Apps are created in incremental steps. And since the launch of Cubasis 1.0 we have been working hard to give our users missing features free of charge with every update. With every update we evaluate what is being requested most (not only in this user forum) and implement those features – and we will continue making Cubasis the most intuitive DAW for iOS.
Even the iPhone didn’t support basic functionalities like copy/paste in the first iOS versions and that didn’t make it a bad piece of hardware back then…