Feature request

Hi cubasis developping team,

First thanks and congrats for cubasis, it is a nice piece of app! And thanks for the last update.

I would like to give you some feedback on the app and also talk about some feature that I have on my wishlist for next updates.

1- Pinch zoom works strangely compared to other apps. It has something to to with the fact that when 2 fingers are put on the screen, it disable completely the panning, even though the 2 fingers are both moving together as one. Some apps combines the panning and zooming and it feels much more natural imo.

2- I would like to have the option to take the output of a track as an input for an other track, in other word, better bus options. Right now I have to go throught audiobus and take the whole project output, mute the tracks that I don’t want in the mix and route audiobus output in an other track.

3- If only Copy icon would also copy audio segments to general pasteboard so it is now usable with other apps directly, instead of having to save it to media, than share it.

4- iOS DAWs are evolving slowly but surely, but still, they lack imho the live approch. I wish I could see a way to trigger loop from daws just like Ableton live and now garageband for ipad. I would use garageband but the connectivity with other app is so limited (apple is sick) and workflow a nightmare.
I would love to see this feature come to Cubasis and I see many ways in which loop lauching could be made possible:

1- A trigger could be made on each track to enable independant loop markers for this track. Once a loop area is selected, it could be stored by a + button on the right side of the track which would add a loop “a” button/toggle that could be activated/unactivated at will. Many loop areas (a, b, c, d, etc) could be created Loop areas could be triggered at will or played in sequence.
DJing apps use markers and it’s pretty straight forward.

2- Or I guess by adding a loop view just like, LP-5, Launchpad, Ableton live, Garageband ios etc…

Music creation workflow on ipad is to date a puzzle that inspiration stumble often on. Tablet music creation has a lot a potential and I guess it is only a matter of time before an app developper come with THE package. Cubasis is close!



Hi Philippe,

Many thanks for your great feedback and wishlist!

Please note that we have many of your topics on the list and will evaluate them for future update releases.

Thanks again
& best wishes,

Yes, the zoom is really broken.
I hope it will be fixed soon.

It is planned to improve the zoom behaviour with the next Cubasis update.