Feature requests about ADR

I definitely want these in Nuendo !
I could use the ADR taker for voice over recording which I do many times a month.
Then :
4. I’d love to have a key command that would mark which one of the takes is the chosen one.

Brilliant stuff !
Could use it not only in ADR but in any recording done with lanes !!!

then :

1. It would be cool to be able to do ADR that´s based on cycle markers and use all the other implemented great ADR features AND get the recorded file to be named according the cycle marker.
Like first part of the file name would be characters name, then something like first two words of the line at hand… And then a cascading take numbering…
Files would be named like this: “frank_hi, great to see you” and then a cascading number for take number…

Yes please.

Finland, 4 points.

Thanks Bifop :sunglasses:
And a bit OT. Even as it is Adr taker is brilliant tool. All those of my work mates that are very Pro Tools faithful that have seen adr taker in action are now rising flags to do adr with Nuendo :open_mouth:
But hey! Lets make it even better…
Bye / Tumppi

Of course it would be kind of cool to have Timo or some other Steinberg dude to participate here :sunglasses:

Some improvements are planned for the upcoming N6.5 version, but that’s all I can say …


  1. Audio aligning plug in / vocalign style with easier work flow. This would be a perfect add on to use with ADR…
    Bye / Tumppi

I just wonder if it is too much to ask if someone from steinberg crew would comment these FR:s (not just this topic but in general). It would be nice to know that someone actually reads these.
bye / Tumppi

Will see. That might help.
Or just simply option that if there is a “free” lane at hand then when using cycle markers where there is punch in and out points Nuendo would not create new lane but would use those lanes that are free with in that cycle marker.
I want this as I don´t want ridiculous amounts of lanes after ADR session.

Bye/ Tumppi

There is more reading than writing here. Most of the time I would say the same as Fredo:

Well, this applies to this thread too.

It would be nice to know that thread is read. It needs just few words from you. And Fredo always underlines that he is just moderaror, not SB crew so his participation is ofcourse always welcomed but his comments are not official SB comments.

But this is all very OT. I’d love to hear what do you guys at SB think of my ideas.
Bye / Tumppi

+1 for this!

Hi Tumppi,

here are some comments to your suggestions.
Most of your requests are already on our list for future development (and some for current development :wink: )

@ 3:
How do you trim events? Does turning off the ‘Sync Selection’ option in the marker window solve your issue?

@ 5 & 8:
Did you take a deeper look at the Signal Switchboard in the ADR settings window? There are some options to automate the audibility of signals.


I’d like to add or explain what I think Tumppi means in his #8:

One often used way to record ADR is to use a technique sometimes called “parroting” or in Swedish “repeat like a monkey” :slight_smile:.

This is where you play the line and the actor repeats the line after hearing it.
This is another use where open ended recording is extremely important.
I think the switching matrix may just be enough to actually handle it already. That is if it has settings for post cycle out point (not post record out this difference is important).

This mode of ADR is a lot more work as it requires more editing, but is often generating a more fluid performance where the actor actually mimics the phrase as such and don’t think about sync during delivery.
This method is often used with actors that are continually late when starting the line but that will try to end the line they hear in the headphones in sync (this means the line will never really fit without some extra stretching surgery). And also with actors who are uncomfortable wearing headphones to the point where the acting is affected.

HI Bodo!
About no 3: Yes, turning off sync selection option would do but I like to have it on while ADR:ing to keep my marker list and timeline selection synced. So I could edit the just recorded audio event and not the cycle marker at the same time without too many mouse clicks. Locking marker track won´t do either as this way quick fixes like correcting dialog line text would need again few mouse click too much to my taste.

No5: I tried to use tape machine like monitoring but when using Avid converter there seems to be small delay when timeline hits the in point and it switches from tape to input. Otherwise that would be good for me but this small delay makes it unusable as I can´t hear talents first about 1/2 second while recording.

No8: Eric explained it very well. Thanks.

Bye / Tumppi

Back to this topic just to say thank you Steinberg. Almost all points I made in this post are now implemented. :smiley:
Now only to have this parroting style recording in would be awesome. And vocalign style of syncing recorded takes!

PT folks should finally admit that Nuendo is a great tool worth looking for.


Bye / Tumppi


first of all the ADR Taker 2.0 is brilliant. The only thing that I´m still missing is also no.8. I´m doing a lot of technical ADR work for german movies. The method that nearly every actor prefers is “ parroting style recording”. So he doesn´t have to concentrate on the picture, he just tries to replicate what he has done in the original recording. At the moment the only way doing that is to increase the Post-Roll to maximum (30seconds). But this is not enough in all situations. I always tell the actor to do 3 different versions after he heard the original and that sometimes need more than 30seconds. Also important for me is that the picture stays black after the cue.

At the moment i´m still doing my ADR work with ProTools and Gallery´s ADR Studio but I would love to switch because in Nuendo it is so much more stabile and reliable.

Hope “parroting style recording” in Nuendo will be possible in the future.



When working in “Free Run” mode, you can keep on recording as long as you want.
From where you want, and open ending recording.
So no need to set postroll.


Hey Fredo,

but when i record in “Free Run” the Picture is unmuted after the cue and the guide sound doesn´t turn off. This is irritating. Am i doing something wrong?


OK, I see.
What you want is an infinte post-roll. Or at least longer than 30sec.

But the guide track mute in post roll should work perfectly when you set up the switchboard correctly.
You could also try to mute the video track manually.
Or via a Key Command “Video/Mute all video tracks”


Exactly that would be perfect.

In “Free Run” there is no post-roll so when i switch the guide to mute in post roll in the switchboard it won´t turn off after the cue.

Yes that is possible but not very handy.


Yes please :slight_smile:
And no 9: Something similar to how vocalign works with Pro Tools…

Bye / Tumppi