Feature requests about ADR

Hey Fredo,

but when i record in “Free Run” the Picture is unmuted after the cue and the guide sound doesn´t turn off. This is irritating. Am i doing something wrong?


OK, I see.
What you want is an infinte post-roll. Or at least longer than 30sec.

But the guide track mute in post roll should work perfectly when you set up the switchboard correctly.
You could also try to mute the video track manually.
Or via a Key Command “Video/Mute all video tracks”


Exactly that would be perfect.

In “Free Run” there is no post-roll so when i switch the guide to mute in post roll in the switchboard it won´t turn off after the cue.

Yes that is possible but not very handy.


Yes please :slight_smile:
And no 9: Something similar to how vocalign works with Pro Tools…

Bye / Tumppi