Feature Requests - about Texts

  • Since Dorico 2.2. we can have KeyCommands to create specific Text Items (BarNumber, DefaultText, …).
    But custom paragraph styles are not in this list, so cannot be triggered by a key command.

  • It would be great to add borders to a paragraph style already in the “Paragraph styles” menu.
    For example I’d like to have Instrument Changes always boxed. Now I’d need to select each Intrument Change and add the border manually.
    Which leads me to point 3:

  • In Edit-Filter I can filter for “Text”, but not for specific Text like “Instrument Change”

  • The new Alt-Shift-A on a text item will select ALL text items, no matter what type they are. So again no possibility to select all “Instrument Changes” for a Player/Flow (to potentionally add a border to all of them).

  • Here’s the least likely wish to be implemented soon: Have a circled border for text items. I’d like to have sound switches for Keyboards/Guitars (numbers) in circles (f.e. “2.3”), which makes them stand out from instrument changes or sound markings (like “Piano”, “Distorted w/chorus”).

I don’t think any of these wishes break a paradigma of Dorico, neither are they complicated to implement. So I hope some of these might be found in the next update, that shall be as great as the last to 2.2 was!

Thanks for your suggestions, Jeff. I’m sorry to say that your assessment of what is and is not complicated to implement is not necessarily correct, but we’ll take your requests into consideration.

I Just wanted to confirm, that I do also need all of Jeffs requests. Especially boxed system Text.