Feature requests - all relating to barlines

  1. Break or make barlines between staves in any instrument-group or multi-stave instrument

  2. Tick-barlines in only one stave in any system. Ability to toggle barlines on and off in any stave in a system and even in individual measures.

  3. Invisible barlines as an option - Yes, I can delete barlines to create this effect, but there could be times when having an actual barline, even if visible, could be useful.


You can change defaults in Layout Options > Brackets and Braces and Engraving Options > Barlines.

You can adjust these from selected systems onwards in each layout using custom barline joins in Engrave mode.

There’s an Engraving Option for this on the Barlines page, Design section: “Show ‘Tick (bottom)’ barlines only on bottom staff in system”

You can achieve this effect using independent time signatures (input by closing the popover with Alt/Opt-Return) – that allows you to show different time signatures and barlines on each staff.

This has been requested before. In the meantime, what users have done is used dashed barlines with the dash length set to 0 for this purpose, I think.


Indeed, but obviously this breaks if you happen to also need dashed barlines in the same project.


But I want to show tick barlines in only the top stave lol.

Ah, well you didn’t specify that in your initial post. You are also very welcome for the other suggestions I described for you.


This just happened to me this week.