Feature Requests and possible bugs...

Feature Requests:

  1. MediaBay: When I open Mediabay, the volume slider control for the preview window
    doesn’t appear until I click on a file for preview.
    This can be a problem as the slider retains it last used volume setting.
    If you click on a loud sound, you have to scramble to turn the volume down
    in a hury so your speakers and ears don’t get damaged.
    So the volume slider needs to appear before we click on a sound file.

  2. Loopmash: The “Slice Time Stretch” function should be available on a “per track basis.”
    This goes for the Slice Quantize, Adapt settings, etc…

Possible Bugs:

  1. Groove Agent: 1. Sometimes, the pads are lit up randomly and they stay lit.
    This makes editing and finding the sound you are hearing tricky sometimes.

  2. Sometimes when I click on a sound pad during playback,
    that pad suddenly gets louder then it was.
    It stays louder too, you have to adjust the pad volume, which changes the mix you had.

  3. Pitch Driver: 1. Shifts audio, makes everything sound early, off beat. This is really subtle but it is happening.
    Tried to use it the other day to drop a vocal down by several semitones
    and the client immediately heard the timing issues. So it isn’t that subtle I guess.

  4. Loopmash: 1. Loopmash emits a loud pop whenever I enable the multiple outputs,
    or whenever I load a song using loopmash with the outputs enabled.
    I don’t know if it could damage anything but my meters get pinned
    and it sounds painful for the speakers.