Feature Requests and Suggestions FOR CUBASE 9

1.sorry for writing those suggestions here but the forum does not let my write on the Feature Requests and Suggestions for cubase 8

2.Suggestions 1 -how about adding an option for cancelling the “feedback protection” on the properties window? , for example, If I want to create a DOWN PITCHING DELAY, I could place on the insert slot a pitch shift FX and a delay afterword and then send it back to the input. . . . and then you have it. . . . It is also great for creating a “lockahead” chain for insert FX, by taking the WAVE to play for about X-ms earlier and then placing a delay and a compressor on the “post fader slot” on the insert and the sending a pre fader for the compressor side chain. please!!! it would B great!!! :imp:

3.Suggestions 2 -VARI AUDIO ALGORITHEM-I suggest adding a "TAPE " algorithem for the variaudio, like the “time streach” algorithem, just to make it clear- if I would "pitch down " the wave would get longer but I would get less side effects.

4.Suggestions 3 - MULTITRACKEDITING-THANX for adding the MULTITRACK EDITING in the folder option!!! but…the big problem is that you can not edit/slice a MIDI track with an audio track! big problem! why??? , in a DRUM hitpoint detection I use the "export MIDI NOTES for replacing DRUMS with a new drum sounds , If I could export a drum hitpoint detection to a MIDI TRACK and then quntize THE MIDI TRACK with the audio TRACKS…THANX!