Feature Requests - Automation Workflow

I have a request on a few automation workflow adjustments.

It seems that this has been requested by others in some ways in recent years.

1 - A toggle hotkey to show/hide automation.

sometimes there’s a lot of automation lanes that take up screen real estate. I have a hotkey for show and one for hide, but they are separate. I wish we could have a hotkey that does an on/off or toggle style in a lot of other daws.

2 - A hotkey to create an automation lane from last tweaked parameter.

I’ve noticed in Retrologue (and other native plugs) if you right click you can create a new automation lane of that parameter you are hovered over. This would be great as a hotkey for EVERYTHING.

Yes, I know write mode is there but I think that it could be more efficient creating a hotkey for it.
It would make editing automation a breeze and very quick.

I can imagine that these wouldn’t be too difficult to implement as these are kind of already there in a way.

Just some thoughts I come across when toying around that may seem useful.