Feature requests category

Since people place many feature requests here and @dspreadbury assures they are all noted, that is very good, but does not prevent people asking the same thing all the time as the request list is not visible. And trying to see if a feature has already been requested is not that simple, requiring searching etc, not browsing a list or set, because the are not always tagged. Waves Audio runs a forum on Discourse, same as here, but has a good category called Feature Requests:

My feature request is to implement a feature request category. :slight_smile: Cubase and the other Steinberg products could do with the same thing also.

I run several Discourse servers and forums so I am always keen to make good use of features in Discourse that are easy to implement. Adding new Categories is trivial, although the design needs to be carefully thought out.

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Yup, I don’t have much to add to what I said four and a half years ago on that topic. I still feel the same way. I will close this topic now.