Feature Requests: Cubasis 3.1.2

I’d love to see
-[iPhone, Phablet display] Numbered mixer level meters. The screen real estate is limited on a phone, but for the largest phone I’d still love to have a variation of the S M XL option like there is for a tablet where XL shows the numbers.
-MIDI Transport Control. Most new controllers have transport controls like Play, Record, Stop, or Loop. I’ve seen requests for MIDI learn in the forum. Similarly I’d like to be able to map transport controls to a MIDI controller.

*It’s not clear how to submit requests for Cubasis. I emailed support and they directed me to the “Cubase” Forum which has its own feature requests section.

Hi rtmusic,

Thank you for your message.
Hardware controller support is on our list, but might take some time still.

Thanks again,

Hi! While I would still love to have numbered meters in the mixer view, I found a workaround that will help me for recording of individual vocal tracks on the phone:
Even with the Arranger ‘Phone’ display size, if I open ‘Channel’ in the Inspector, the decibel levels are displayed! Hurray!