Feature Requests - Cubasis

The “Hardware Latency” does not seem to be a latency for hardware, but also for Apps. Right?
Then why not call it Latency as numerous other Apps do?

Also, what shall that be “Low” and “Medium”???
That helps nothing!
Please write the actually latency, so that it can easily be adjusted for other Apps!

I would like punch in/out to replace the audio you’re trying to correct, not just create a new bit of audio which has to be spliced into the original. This is just too much faffing about. I’ve gone back to my original DAW, Multitrack DAW, because of this for my original recording.

I’d really love to see a drum machine like in BeatMaker 3 ala MPC style to play and load samples and easily jam. I to this day find it slow and hard to add beats. I tried DM1 but since it’s not an AU it is not easy and slow.

Please offer LEGATO in Micrologue and Microsonic. Micrologue has Glide but no Legato. Microsonic has Attack which can be suppressed for overlapping notes (while a note is held down and another note is tapped, it should skip the attack phase for the new note giving a Legato). Legato is missing in Cubasis sorely.

Currently, Cubasis can scrub audio tracks. Please offer to optionally scrub MIDI notes with play head based on a config setting switch to scrub MIDI notes or not.

It would be nice if the mixer had much more headroom.when I make a track in BeatMaker 3 and export to cubasis,my kick is always clipping while it was fine in beatmaker 3 and sounded good in the speakers too while working in bm3

Midi Clock Slave Mode! This was the first thing I missed. My hardware sequencers have a much more stable timing than my ipad (Air 2). Other than that it’s fun to work with Cubasis. Very nice Interface design and features!

I would like to have an in-app purchase for the VariAudio effect so we could have some pitch correction for vocals and whatever. Or something along those lines…

Until I can choose an 8 as the denominator in my time signatures, Cubasis is useless to me as a professional composer. It is like telling a dancer that they can only choose hip hop and country music to choreograph to.

  1. Humanizing midi tracks would be fine (randomizing velocity and position) at least for more human sounding drum tracks…the swing function isn‘t really useable for it.
  2. Sidechaining would be great too

My biggest issues would be:

:heavy_check_mark: TRACK MARKERS


These are SO important when mixing large projects!

Thanks for your diligence.

Not a big deal but for track to stop playing when it reaches the end of a song or reaches “R” marker rather than continuing to play…
Maybe this feature is within Cubasis but I can’t find it…

Thank you.

Now that Yamaha has released version 2.5 of the Montage OS, which supports DAW control, are there any plans for allowing Cubasis to be controlled by the Montage, like Cubase can? https://usa.yamaha.com/products/music_production/synthesizers/montage/update.html#product-tabs

I use Cubasis for playing MIDI tracks on my Montage while I perform, and it works great. It would be a HUGE help to allow me to edit the MIDI files using the Montage physical interface.

Thanks, and keep up the GREAT work!!!


please add micro tuner scale
Because all Arabic music needs to micro tuner scale

Hi Greg,

As of yet, Cubasis does not support hardware controller, but the feature is on our list for future updates.


I want to use the pads with DrumPerfect Pro, I set them all up, saved the project file, emailed it to my other ipad and its not there. Frustrating and timewasting. Thanks.

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Just another request for folders to organize tracks within. It’s truly unmanageable when creating many tracks. And track mixer groupings as a bonus!

Hello everybody,

I just purchased Cubasis and the Waves plugins, I used them on Windows and worked really good so I decided to purchase them for my iPad. I can’t find the spectrum analyzer for the EQ, is this for real?, even GarageBand has it, I paid a lot for this taking in account I live in Colombia and exchange rates are massive right now. Has anyone found the analyzer or should I request it as a feature?, I need it for drum editing, thank you a lot.

Please, add the possibility of adding fx/mastering to all output masters.
As it is now, i can only add limiter/compressor etc to the master 1-2 output. If i route the same audio to let’s say, output 3-4, the audio will clip easily, there is now way to compress/limit/eq the other master outputs… it’s a big problem for me since i use Cubasis live with the output 1-2 and to the musicians i use the other outputs (the number of outputs depends on the audio interface obviously).
Is this in a list of things to do?

  1. side chain compressor
  2. control transport and mix with hardware controller
  3. Iterative Quantize
  4. recording step by step
  5. arpegiator

Some hardware and software uses midi notes lower than what is available on the piano roll. For example my Analog Rytm uses midi notes 0-8 to trigger the drum sounds this maps on the lower end to C(-2) up but the cubase piano roll only goes down to C(0). I can work around this by using a midi effect to transpose notes down 2 octaves but it would be great if the whole midi note range was supported by default.