Feature Requests - Cubasis


Use mounted APFS 2TB external’s files directly within Cubasis
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There’s no free Apple file aystem support for Linux. Using the Apple file system is no option for me, since I need to share files between a DAW running on a Linux machine and Cubasis.

Btw. I still need to test, if connecting an USB drive directly to the iPad Pro or to my WLAN Router works. I suspect the first won’t, but there’s a little chance that Wi-Fi via the router might do the job.

Btw. the iOS app AudioShare is useful to workaround some common iOS file sharing issues.

At the moment I’m testing a Cubasis competitor on my iPad Pro that provides a lot of features Cubasis is missing. Maybe I’ll report back at gearslutz.

Cubasis is great, and I spend many hours recording audio music tracks. I record audio tracks and frequently accidentally move audio events when in the project view. In other words, I accidentally touch recorded audio events and accidentally move the event laterally, thereby moving it in time, or I accidentally move it vertically to another track. Sometimes I do not notice the accidental movement of events until a later time when it is very difficult to restore the event to where it should be. Therefore, it would be very helpful if you could add a button in the project view to lock the location of all of the events. In other words, one button that would lock the movement all of the events in the entire project, to prevent accidental movement of events. This would give me a lot more confidence to use Cubasis for professional projects. Thank you.

It would be very useful to be able to easily export mono stems of all tracks with no effects. Presently in Cubasis I can only produce a stereo file of each track by using the mixdown feature and choosing create separate files for tracks. Thank you.

Pitch Analysis Plugin.
Useful for voice recording.

Now that We have Atom Piano for piano roll scale and Ghost notes, Steinberg can focus on Internal audio and midi routing and Side chain pleaseeeeee :joy::joy:

Hi there guys,hope you are all doing well.dont know if this has been requested yet.
Would be nice if there was a magnifying glass :mag_right: icon next to the track name, in the inspector menu to zoom out single tracks in addition to the current zooming option.this would make it easy when the project has many tracks and you want to edit the start and end points of an event, the volume, stretching audio and what ever new features might be added on in the future .
Something similar to the attached photo.

A big feature-Request:
Ableton Link!
Would make it a lot easier to sync all the recording via Audiobus apps via Link! All the apps have instantly the same BPM and start running at the beginning of a bar.
Please implement.
Learn from Microsoft: They use the strategy: “Embrace and extent”. Means: Implement the features of your competitor. Use them, make them better. And: gone ist the advantage of the competitor (anyone remembering Netscape?).

Import Ableton Live Sets!

eg Patterning and Blocs Wave export their Arrangements as Ableton Live Sets.
So there must be a description how to implement that.
These Sets should be importable vor Groove Agent into Cubase. And as mini Groover within Cubasis: Predefined Drumstation like the drumstations within Cubasis with an additional Tab to trigger them via Midi-Patterns (into which the Live-Sets should be transformed). Complex, but easy, and: Would make Cubasis the greatest IOS-DAW ever!!!

Hi there team Cubasis.
I’ve been testing the App on IPadOS 13 beta 2.
With iOS 13, you can make the onscreen typing keyboard smaller and make it float around.
I tried using it with the notes function in Cubasis and it works.
Would be nice,if we tap on notes, it opens the typing keyboard and we could type directly into the small screen in the inspector menu with the floating keyboard.
instead of the Huge space that opens up now.
And maybe add an additional button to the notes section to make notes view bigger.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there!
Just a couple of requests:

  1. Having the option to add markers, this would improve the workflow for some of us.
  2. Bus channels, just to have more control over drum mixing.
  3. Sidechain for the compressor. This, plus the bus channel can make great sounding effects IMO.
  1. People need keyboard shortcuts! I see that since 2012, people have been asking about support for “keyboard shortcut” (Magic or Smart Keyboard by Apple or any BT Keyboard). 7 years Steinberg can not add keyboard support? Are you serious?
  2. People need markers!
  3. People need group channel!
    Give people what they want! Make their work easier! Make them happy!

Need to have a better save feature get rid of that snapshot, needs have features like Save Duplicate and Copy. Another thing is the events are sensitive when you zoom out because when you tap or double tap on the events lot of times they will move either to the right or to the left then you got to zoom in and correct the problem. How about a drum sequencer I just don’t like the drum notes being in the piano roll editor sometimes when your moving the notes or add some drum notes and then when you play back and listen to those notes there off time. How about a track lock and a unlock feature and a select all feature for the events in the mail view.

Adding folders to group projects & mixdowns sounds like a great idea, I name my projects by the date I do them ie:AUG 19 001 JUL 19 002 and so on…(until I name them) . that way I know when it was created, & how many projects i do in that specific month… then after a month I save all projects to my PC via Dropbox…

so grouping them into folders will be very useful for me.

it will make things easier to manage.

thanks guys.

Full screen notes with option to scroll with varying speed would be great for song writing and singing.

I’m a new user to both Cubase and Cubasis so my questions may have been answered somewhere else in the forum.

Is there a Cubasis software design summary document available for Cubasis user reference that identifies waves, kits, effects, etc that are essentially the same as Cubase waves, kits, effects, etc, though possibly named differently and presented in different plug-ins within Cubasis?

As a feature request, can a Cubasis filter be created to present the Cubasis user with only Cubase ‘friendly’ waves, kits, effects, etc so Cubasis tracks and projects may be created, edited, then ultimately uploaded into Cubase with minimal alteration by Cubase upon import?

Finally, is there a Cubasis plug-in popularity rank list so I can select and purchase an initial set of plug-ins to begin my Cubasis ‘experience’?



Not sure if this has been addressed/asked for, but when opening an existing project in Cubasis, there are always one or more tracks with record mode activated. When the tracks are collapsed a bit, not showing that other tracks are record-activated, I sometimes inadvertently record over those tracks when recording a new track. My least favorite Cubasis behavior…

here’s a few I’d like…

time line stops at end of song, maybe if R marker is set at end…
spectrum in EQ…
Remove brickwall in main output so that you can add another effect…
constant update of level meter on mixer, maybe Red peak at 0db…
possible change colour of meters to Yellow with Red peak?..