Feature Requests - Cubasis

+1000 for this set of features plus Group Tracks.

If you guys added these features in the next update, who would have a better product in the app store?
I mean seriously… This would change everything!!

Nice stuff in 2.2! Thanks. However once again, please, don’t forget to give us multi take recording as soon as possible. If Cubasis got this function it definitely would be the leading daw for iOS. It’s been designed really well and it’s the most useable one of all except this one but crucial -missing- function you simply do need if you want to use Cubasis for recording seriously. As mentioned by another user here already, Cubasis would be great for recording some vocals as well as some guitar stuff on the go for example. Yet this cannot be done on a serious level without multi take recording. Therefor…please! :sunglasses:

Love the app enough to have paid for it twice. Would be be stellar if I could change time-signature mid song.

MIDI Learn would be awesome.

Folders! As a sample using hooligan I need to be able to organize my files into folders. If I could just manage files here and you guys added a beat machine where we could upload our own samples I think I’m good.
Great work with the update tho! Love what you huysare doing!

Some sort of sidechain!
I love the new update, but I would love it even more if I could sidechain compression for example.

cycle record modes similar to Cubase
a drum machine/sampler (iap)
a pad instrument setup that allows for assignable midi channel/track output per pad

Automation recording for AuV3. It’s an amazing feature of the newly released BM3 but seems to be missing from Cubasis. I’m a gadget user used to automation recording of every synth parameter. Cubasis doesn’t restrict me to a closed-wall environment though and I have access to Au etc. The lack of automation recording for Auv3 is a big issue for me.

I also like Cubasis a lot and using it since the very first version. With the latest improvements it really evolved a lot into the right direction. I make songs during my commute time and miss the following features a lot:

  • group channels
  • cbi import in Cubase, because I want to continue to work at my songs within Cubase, and the missing import of cbi is a major workflow breaker, at least for me, as I’m compiling many drum sets and sample instruments within Cubasis, which I need do redo in Cubase.
  • Spectrum analyzer at EQ
  • side chain compressor

I can’t even figure out how to change the time signature at all.
I.e.: how can I create a project in 3/4 time… or 5/4?
Mid song switch would be amazing, but I can’t even start. :grimacing:
What button did I miss?


Please simply tap the tempo / signature display in the top menu.
This will open the corresponding popup to set/change the settings for tempo, signature and the recording modes.


1: Automation follow events.add this option for next update please.Having automation without trigger or blending with owner events has no benefit.

2: Active these midi cc’s for micro sonic sounds : Modulation / modwheel and volume, pan , expression , program change for changing the sounds of micro sonic or micrologue . These midi cc’s are active at the moment only for output midi for sending of cubasis to another app but for micro sonic sounds are unable to use.

3: Midi learn for transport options and control all of the options of mixer via midi controller device like korg nano controller

4: replace record mode for midi and audio track ( keep last mode )

5: Request for holding button for virtual keyboar and chord buttons and chord pads for next update.

First night playing with cubasis… wonderful!
would like to see…

  • 88.2k as a sample rate option
    Track linking
    Group Channels
    Ability to save templates

Back in the day, I had both Cubase and an SY85. I tended to use the onboard sequencer on my SY85 over Cubase because if its simplicity… it was easy to get ideas from head to midi notes (no waiting five minutes for the computer to boot… this was waaaaaay back in the day). I’m finding the same is true with Cubasis, and I prefer it over other Daws because I can easily take my iPad anywhere.

But for the life of me, I cannot understand why my ancient SY85 had features I used all of the time that are still absent from Cubasis, like insert and deleting bars. Why? Why? Why? My SY85 even had the choice to insert or delete on only one track or all tracks. Seems like a very basic task. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have to move 32 measures on 60 plus tracks of midi and audio and get everything to line up?

Even more confounding is the seeming inability to copy and paste bars (unless I’m missing something). It’s very common in today’s music styles to repeat the verse/prechorus/chorus. Why can’t you just copy and paste the bars? And forget tying to use the select tool for this. You should just be able to punch in the numbers “copy measures 1 through 32 and insert into 33.” Also a function I had in my SY85, along with the choice to overwrite or insert (and “push” the other measures over). If you want to stick with the touch mechanism, just have the ability to drag your finger over the top to select the bars to copy and toggle between that and the loop tool (so the loop selection tool is turned off when selecting bars to copy). I know you can select and copy and paste sections, but it doesn’t work very well when you’re doing that with a project with lots of tracks. The select tool doesn’t seem to like copying midi and audio at the same time across multiple tracks.

And yes, folders. Yes. Yes. Yes.
And snap triplets, yes. I just draw them close to triplets, change the grid to 16T or 8T, highlight the notes and click Qunatize as a work around.

Oh, and a glitch I stumbled upon: if too many audio parts have the same name, they will all get overwritten by the last recording at some point. You can’t undo this. I have learned to rename each audio part with a distinct name “Song name prechorus 1,” “Song name Prechorus 2,” etc. The auto name feature can name an audio the same name. You can’t name it the same name manually, I record on a dry track and move it to a track with effects, so this is how audios get auto named the same thing over and over.

1. Centre Click for knobs
Ok, so you’re editing a synth.
The knob you’re tweaking has positive and negative values.
It’s tricky/fiddly to get to Value:0
If the knob had a ‘centre click’ it would be much easier

2. Double Tap for numerical values
Any place that there is a Numerical Value
(Tempo for example) wouldn’t it be cool
if we could just double tap and then type in the value directly?

Key Commands.

I imagine that there’ll be a few iPad Pro users, who have the smart keyboard.
Wouldn’t it be great, if we could use standard key commands for things like Cut, Copy & Paste?
Maybe we could have Start/Stop assigned to the Space bar…,
and the Record Button assigned to ‘Command R’.
Maybe we could configure our own assignments too!

Hello Lars, and other Steinberg people.

Having used sequencing software since the days and the Atari St, I really appreciate Cubasis, and the power it offers, for such an affordable price!

I know it’s been mentioned before, but my feature request for today is:
Yes, the chord memories are lovely,
but considering that there are many synths which DON’T offer arpeggiator
(Phrasemaker, for example),
to have it baked into Cubasis would mean that i DON’T
have to go messing around with Audiobus
(which i’m really trying to avoid)

Hi SirBaldy,

Please give double tap a try on the Micrologue knobs, which will result in resetting values to 0.
Hope that helps!


+1000 for Group channels! Their absence makes mixing in Cubasis a sad experience :frowning:

Also, seconding the request for keyboard shortcuts - even just space bar for play/pause & cmd+r for record would be great.

I would also like to see better file management, may be something like Cubase. At present Cubasis is a mess