Feature Requests - Cubasis

Please please please add proper time signature support! As it stands this is the 1 feature that prevents me from using cubasis on a daily basis. I write Prog music which often has 7/8, 9/8 and other sigs, often changing from bar to bar. Even Bon Jovi’s living on a prayer has a single bar of 3/4 in amongst the 4/4 bars, its hardly an out there request!

please add micro tuner scale
Because all Arabic music needs to micro tuner scale
I can not play without micro tuner scale
Because Arabic music needs micro tuner scale

Please adapt Cubasis to the 12.9" iPad Pro. The way it is now is a total waste of screen real estate.

  • mixer channel pre gain/trim + peak/RMS metering
  • mixer sub groups
  • proper file management / folder structure

Non looped recording in a looped section option.

So you for instance you create a 1 or 4 bar loop and then jam over that with ideas. You don’t know how long this recording will be and he might just want to take sections of it afterwards. It records one whole section until you press stop and places it in the arranger.

Hey Cubasis team, great job on the latest update.

A couple of feature requests:

Audio stitching: I’d really like to be able to join Audio clips, similar to how the midi stitching works. This would be really useful for chopping up and reorganising audio clips.

Classic Machines IAP: Love the sounds but would like a few more editing capabilities. At least a volume control for each drum. I know there are a couple of workarounds, i.e. adding a separate channel for each drum, but on a small screen size I like to minimise the number of channels. My preferred workaround has been setting the volume levels in the midi Piano roll editor, which works great but is fiddly. Another solution might be to allow track staking, so I could have each drum on a operate channel, but be able to stack them to a single drum channel to save screen space.



Amazing app - I haven’t made anything on a desktop DAW for months!

One major request on the midi editor/grid - please add the ability to divide the grid between ‘straight’ and ‘triplet’ and ‘quater note triplets’ to allow proper division of 1/4 notes - rather than only the ability to divide quater notes into 2!

This allows for polyrythm composition that is lacking.

Thank you!

Hello again, awesome cubasis devs.

Last 2 feature requests:

1 - please provide a way to easily loop the current midi clip/region in the time line. current you have to break your workflow to go find your loop regions and drag them to the area you are working on.

2 - please provide a feature to switch the midi notes to static diamond shapes so that programming drums is much clearer to see and less hassle to work with than piano notes which get lengths determined by the grid.

thanks again!

You can already do this. Just long press the clip and it will set the loop markers.

Just one more request. Remember the piano roll zoom level for when you switch between midi clips. It keeps on reverting to zoomed out.

Amazing, thank you for pointing that out!

In addition to the adaption for the 12.9" display I have some other requests:
– Changing the track height to see the whole project
– Batch importing audio files to seperate tracks/selecting multiple audio files in the media bay
– Time/tempo changes
– Seeing send channels in mixer

Hi mso77,

Please perform the pinch/spread gestures above the track list to quickly change the height of tracks and zoom in/out in a snap.
Here is a quick tip clip, explaining how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QA_rKkk3Ew


Oh, I didn’t know that. I’ve always tried pinching on the tracks.
Thanks for the hint!

hi lars,

Just to follow up on the options to switch to diamond mini note shapes that land on the y axis of the grid for drums - reaper is an excellent example of this feature working really well. At the moment in cubasis you have to either work in 32 notes zoomed in, or settle for oversized midi notes when programming drums - both of which are not really practical.

2 - please provide a feature to switch the midi notes to static diamond shapes so that programming drums is much clearer to see and less hassle to work with than piano notes which get lengths determined by the grid.

Also, thanks for sharing the track lane pinching trick - so useful it’s awesome!

Please add a hold function for the sustain pedal above the wheel.

Thank you for great app!

All I want is a sf2 player within cubasis.and option to choose metronome to play only when recording

Ive already voted for the “poll” part but was hoping in the future there would be a way to be able to swap out the native EQ and Channel Strip plug-ins with whatever we want. Thats two slots that could be used for something else. And now with the addition of the waves plugins, notably the audio track and high precision eq, seems redundant and silly that we cant swap them out with AT LEAST the waves ones.

…or am i missing something?

Dat would be very nice if we could swap them

Something that would be really nice.is if we could open keyboard or mixer while we have an inset on screen