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I even use this live performance also…

I would like to be able to see what note is being played on the piano roll when using a vst, such as groove agent, by having the key light up when you press the pad. Also, when you have a midi note on the piano roll, the key should be highlighted across the entire key so that you would not have to scroll back and forth.

Hi Shon79,

This forum is about Cubasis for iPad.
Please create a report in the appropriate Cubase forum.


Hi, Cubasis is in good hands and the right direction. I have some suggestion to improve the overall workflow:
-User folders and files support. This is so important to have files organized.
-Groups (routing audio, better mixes)
-SFZ compatibility for the minisampler
I know things take time but I would like to use only one DAW (and I like Cubasis A LOT)

Better level meters peak/rms I would like to see the numbers where I’m at while mixing

Bus channels for grouping

Take the channel strip and eq off of the effects slots. Now that we have a choice to have a waves channel strip it doesn’t make sense to have two channel strips equipped to a track therefore if we want to use the waves its a wasted slot, same for if we want to use Q10 the studio eq is wasting an effects slot.

More waves plug ins of course lol… 1176, saturation, transient designer etc

I agree with the samples organization right now I use Cubasis for mixing and creation I use BM3 for creation because I have a ton of samples I’ve imported about 100gb worth and I use Auria Pro for my mastering studio.

Honestly with these few suggestions I could use Cubasis for everything!!!

P.S. I’ve started loading my samples into Cubasis just taking forever because I have to load them in kit by kit and create the kit before I upload more samples

I’m a long time user I mixed and mastered many albums using Neudo 3 so I’ve been with Steinberg for a long time

I really agree with these changes, especially the better meters and bus channels.

Another feature I could really use is a “nudge” feature for the mixer track level sliders.
I find myself trying to fine tune mixes and needing to move the sliders a tiny amount, like a millimetre, this is tricky to do with a finger on a touchscreen.
I noticed that tapping the slider groove above or below the slider control does not do anything at this time. It would be great if this action could nudge the slider in 0.1 dB steps in either direction. (the step side could be a user setting but 0.1 dB would be perfect for me)


Just to be clear on utilizing folder access and being able to create our own folders for samples or whatever. If you look at what Beatmaker does in the “FILES” section of iOS (see pic) it makes it super easy to import/export all sorts of wonderful things.

…we can add that to the list of…

-swap out native channel strip and eq for our own
-bus channels (sends arent quite as effective, if at all)
-higher resolution visual representations of the waveform when zooming in. Sometimes when i try to get super precise when adjusting some timing aspects, i find that its hard to match visually which would sometimes make it much easier than simply hearing it.

Otherwise, simply an awesome little DAW you have going here! Ive almost exclusively gone to the ipad to create.

That’s what I’ve done by I want to go strictly Cubasis and show people albums can be done here you don’t need Logic Pro or Pro tools. An iPad and Cubasis is my future.

I want to see support for the Files Apps, anything else can wait.

hi lars, quick question - is there a way to quickly mute midi notes without having to use the velocity faders?


Hi thechi,

Thanks for your message.

As of yet, it is not possible to mute individual MIDI notes within events.
The request is included on our list for future updates.


ok thanks for confirmation - good to know i am not missing something,

it could just be a an extra function below the ‘length’ function in the piano roll maybe - will make muting notes in larger midi arrangements much less difficult.

thanks for such a game changing product!

the most wanted Feature for me is:

drag’n drop from the iOS Files App directly into the Sequenzer area,
or in case of the mini-sampler to the note area…

would be great :stuck_out_tongue:

My list of samples and projects is now becoming unmanageable in Cubasis! Folder creation and groupings is an absolute must for the next update as I’m spending more time scrolling through audio than making music! Keep up the good work guys! (

I want Cubasis for Android!

Support for AuV3 MIDI so that I can use Bram Bos’s outstanding Rozeta suite with Cubasis. The possibility to route more than one MIDI source to the same track is also a must.

MIDI out transpose! (All MIDI output from CUBASIS is somehow being automatically transposed up an octave through interapp MIDI or hardware output. I’d like to be able to NOT have this happen or at least tell CUBASIS to take it down an octave internally.

Hey Steinberg, Thanks for the 2.4 update and adding the folders feature and File App integration - that is helpful. I am still having a problem getting it to work properly, though. First, when I open the Files App on my iPad Pro, I can see the local Cubasis file structure and I can create any kind of folder structure I like - such as organizing my projects into folders based on clients and shows I am working on - inside the iOS Files App. But when I go into Cubasis, I can’t see any of those folders in the Projects List. The other problem I am having is that I can’t, for example, put a group of audio files into a series of folders, then put those folders into another, master folder I have created and have that structure appear inside Cubasis. The Media window inside Cubasis seems to want to put all those folders at the same root level. Any way I can view a deeper folder structure inside Cubasis? I only ask because many of us who compose professionally like to have a more sophisticated folder structure with lots of content on hand that we can browse in an organized manner without having to scroll through a lot of co-mingled files.

I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything but the god honest truth is we would love a dang near fully fledged daw. A daw we won’t have to go back to the computer or to another daw on iOS (in my case Auria Pro) to finish the mixing and mastering process. The truth is I have left the laptop/desktop for music and don’t regret it a bit but if I was to go back to it I wouldn’t buy a Cubase, Ableton Live, or even Pro Tools. I would just be a strictly Logic Pro X man as I was. Why? 1. Logic Pro X is as good a daw as any and 2. It’s $200… The value is ridiculous!!! That being said I love my iPad I have no problem investing in an app I bought Cubasis at $50 not on sale like some people chose to wait for. I have all the iap’s. Could we at least match Auria Pro? As long as Steinberg has been making a daw why is machine labs ahead with features? I paid the same money for both apps heck I owned the first Auria so I paid $50 for that and $40 for the upgrade to Auria Pro. The truth is Cubasis is strong in music making that’s where Auria falls short and Auria is strong at mixing and mastering, that’s where Cubasis falls short. Maybe Cubasis 3 could be “Cubasis Pro”? I’ll pay $50 just to be equal to Auria!!! I love the interface, the workflow, the waves plug ins, and now the file managing but, give us that complete daw. I don’t like asking feature by feature and bugging you guys in the process. Look your a great company with a great product complete it I’ll pay!!! But in the mean time give me my 2 plug in slots back sheesh!!! Lol seriously though I don’t want those plugs in my slot unless I put them there hahahaha… Keep up the great work looking forward to you all being my only daw in the future!!!