Feature Requests - Cubasis

This last update was very nice. Thank you. The poll has almost all the additional features I’d love to see. The only addition I’d like to see is 6/8-11/8 time signatures rather than just 6/8. Dance music in 11/8 is pretty cool sounding.

Interesting! Where can I hear some of that!? :astonished:

Could you name some artistes, please?

  1. Take folders specially for Audio tracks. The ability to record over and over on the same track different takes on a folder to later edit the best parts to consolidate into one take.

  2. The ability to rename projects within the media window.

Thank you.

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Increase the inputs from 24 to 32!! I have to use Auria to do live multi tracking since I need 29 inputs. I’d rather use Cubasis.

@Edgaba clicking on “e” on the name of the project within the mediabay will let you rename project.

Add audio warping to edit hitpoints in audio transients in real-time like Auria Pro can right now. I am now faced with buying Auria Pro, which frankly seems ahead of Cubasis in many respects anyway.

  1. Audio to Midi
  2. Vocal tuning and comping

I’d like to be able to record notes in step time, just like in the computer versions of Cubase. Great for longer, more complex sequences of notes.
It would be great if I could organize songs in patterns.

Split stereo track into two separate mono tracks. Sounds simple to me.

Inapp proper sampler
Resize tracks vertical

I would love to see butterfly loop mode in the sampler. Forward and reverse are there, but not back and forth. Use it a lot in other samplers to come up with unique sounds.

Request: loop mode butterfly

Hi, just registered, new user of Cubasis on iPad.
I would have loved to have the opportunity to set markers on the time/measure line.
Is there any possibility to erase the Demos in the “Projects” window.

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I really hope the team is working on improvements to the media bay.
Currently it ends up being one great big sample dump.

At the very least, we need nested folders, although full support of the native iOS document picker would be preferred.

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Busses - that’s by far the most significant gap for me

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Notation integration
Conductor track … automated tempo and meter changes
Arbitrary start point … be able to tap locator and enter your desired position with bookmarks or markers

In addition to the audible notes, it is known that the pauses but also the tempo are among the most important characteristics of music.
I can not understand that Cubasis 3 still has no tempo track. As long as I can’t program a ritardando or change of tempo, Cubasis is not a wholesome music program for me.

Beat Designer… like Cubase. A proper grid based beat programmer.

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I’d like to see 6/8-11/8 time signatures rather than just 6/8.

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Please increase the gridPlease increase the grid to 128 notes and set the grid numbering.
Thanks you cool!.

Better, please, a sampler, I really miss CYCLING and at least a couple more LAYERS to create dynamic MULTI-SAMPLES.