Feature requests for mixconsole - move sections, number of slots, etc

Hi there,

Please excuse the lenghty post…

I would love to be able to move sections and racks of the mixconsole, like for instance, be able to place the meter bridge right on top of the fader section.

Even better, it would be insane if the faders could include input metering ALONG with the output, maybe as a very small vertical meter inside the fader knob track itself or maybe as a small horizontal meter (somewhat like the panning cursor) It could even be right onto the fader knob, or even appear in the form of a single tiny LED that goes from green to yellow to red like in some hardware units (that would be my choice) . It doesn’t have to be big, just so we can see if it goes in the red.

I would also love to be able to enter the number of pre/post inserts for all tracks at once and be able to move the divider for all tracks at once instead of having to change every track one by one

It would be great to be able to quickly move tracks up and down in the visibility panel on the left

Also, to be able to quickly copy/paste plugins (with settings) from one track to another

As for the project window, I would love to be able to batch export multi-outs of instrument tracks, right now it is impossible since they show up as automation tracks, so I have to render in place AND THEN batch export them to have audio tracks that start from origin (so they can be easily loaded and placed in another project, instead of locating the event tracks in the pool and having to move them around in the new project)

Also, when rendering in place multi-outs of instruments, the new tracks do not keep the names of the automation tracks that act as instrument outputs, for instance if I use an orchestral instrument with 10 outs, I name every output track (automation tracks) piano, strings, basses, cellos… but these names aren’t kept when rendering in place.

One last little thing, for track colors, when I select a color for a track, it remains on the track color button on the toolbar, but for some reason when I select another track, I can’t just press the button again to set the same color, instead of having to chose it again in the color menu.

thank you,