Feature Requests for VariAudio

Had a few feature requests to make variaudio a competitive vocal editing tool:

  1. Key Commands to straighten pitch and adjust pitch correct segment start/end - This would allow someone to very quickly switch between these features on a given track and allow them to use either a midi controller or mouse wheel to very quickly make tuning adjustments. Even better would be a key command + click and drag (vertically for example) to straighten pitch or adjust correction start/end. You could map this to keys q, w, e or something where q is correction start time, e is straighten pitch segment, and e is segment correction end.

  2. Toggle to always display of original pitch behind the corrected pitch - this allows a user to quickly see if something got moved around or to look at the original waveform for reference when tuning vocals or harmonies. I know that the original pitch comes if you click and hold, but it would be really nice to see this the entire time to doublecheck or for revisions.

  3. A Global pitch correct segment start/end adjustment - Allows us to define the overall feel of the pitch correction from the start so we don’t have to do this for each segment. The majority of the emotion is in both the start and ending parts of each segment.

  4. A MIX KNOB FOR PITCH CORRECTION - Can turn one knob instead of trying to manually go and adjust each segment. This would be HUGE and greatly improve the workflow. Sometimes a song gets overtuned, and having a mix knob to dial back the “tuning effect” would be so fast to make the correction.

I’m sure there are more ideas, but those are the ones that make want to use other software.

Thanks Steinberg for the hard work getting 12 out! It’s been rock solid for me!