Feature requests - Go to start and start from beginning in Transport bar


I have some suggestions for improvement of transport bar and playback etc.

Improved Transport bar:

  • Button for “Go to start” (or to Previous Marker) in Transport bar as a complement to Rewind
  • Maybe even a button for “Start playback from beginning” in Transport bar as a complement to continue Play button and Got to start button above.

Also improve transport of Part in setlist:

  • Stop/Pause button for Part in Setlist as complement to Play button (arrow).
    Now you can start playback of part via Play button in setlist, but have to go to transport bar to Stop or Pause playback, kind of inconsistent.


Pressing stop when in stop mode serves as RTZ (Return to Zero).

We try to not clutter the user interface, and space in the transport area is precious. And cycle markers aren’t even there yet…but we might add an Action for “Start Over”.

Trying to imagine the use case for this? If you pause/start in Transport, that’s all the same, or?

Hadn’t noticed, works OK for me! :+1:

Just thought it would be good if you both can Start and Stop/Pause if you are in the Setlist instead of having to jump between Setlist (Play) and Transport Bar (Stop). Especially if you on an Ipad or mobile and want to avoid moving about the screen to much.

Thanks for quick reply!