feature requests (minor)

Unless I can’t find these two things in Dorico 2.2 I would like to see them in a future update:

  1. when exporting PDF files from the print tab it would be nice to be able to configure the resulting file name. At the moment I get this:
    " 02_Electric Guitar.pdf" and really for a single lead sheet all I need is “.pdf”. It’s a real time sink to manually shorten all the resulting pdf files.

  2. rehearsal marks like “Intro” or “on Cue” in the same style and the same location as “A”, “B” etc. I tried to add these but can’t get the location just right.


As a workaround for rehearsal marks, you can add a rehearsal mark, set the Index (in the properties panel) to 9 (which will give you an I) and then add ntro as a suffix (also in the properties panel). End result = Intro

A workaround for #1 is to use a program like this to bulk rename files (Windows)