Feature Requests: More "APPLY" buttons, more "HOVER TEXT"s

I was wondering, if the Dorico Team would like to consider the following ideas (I would really love to see them implemented):

  • When changing font styles (e.g. for Tempo, which consists of more than one Font Style), it would be really great to have “Apply” buttons at hand that show the change in the score without closing the window. In some places this is already the case (e.g. the various Option windows), and they are incredibly convenient and speed up work.

  • I miss hover texts in some places: while there are many such hover texts on the left side icons, they miss completely on the right side. Having a description and especially the key command as a hint would help a lot, especially those who cannot always work in only one notation application (and older people like myself, who start getting problems remembering new stuff).

Maybe these were already mentioned. If so, my apologies (I did search the forum and found a “Wishlist for Dorico 5” thread, but it seems my UX/UI wishes are not mentioned there)!

Thank you!


Yes, both of these ideas have been suggested in the past. I believe the tool-tips depend on some help from the developers at Qt but are clearly on the minds of the Dorico Team.

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