Feature requests on the Setup page

First of all, I’m absolutely LOVING Dorico! :slight_smile:

Now, for the possible improvements…

Would love to be able to remove a large selection of players from a flow by clicking on the first one, then shift-clicking on the last one. E.g. to remove all players in the flute-to-trumpet range:

Also, it seems adding or removing flows as well as adding or removing players from the flows are very slow operations, would love to see this improved in future versions!

All my best,

Oh yes. Working in setup mode needs a lot of patience. And changing layout preferences when I have only about 5 flows is a pain as far as speed is concerned. I know that I have an old MacBook Pro but I have no speed issues no matter what I do in Sibelius.
I really hope that Dorico will become much faster because I like the app.

Yes, all player-related operations in Setup mode are slow at the moment, and this is a high priority for us to improve, but it requires quite a lot of careful work to achieve it. The reason it’s slow is that attaching and detaching players from flows is a complex operation, and we do it in a very systematic and defensive way to ensure that nothing goes awry, but the downside of this is that it probably does more work than it needs to, and it doesn’t know in advance that you want to do it to a lot of players at the same time, so it does all of the work each time for every player that is removed.

Thanks for the reply. Good news.
I suppose that this acceleration will also speed up layout changes?

Yes, once it’s implemented it should improve all operations that involve adding, removing, attaching or detaching players.

You probably just need a good algorithm… anyway, I think we’re all looking forward to the update that makes this faster! :wink:

Meanwhile, I realized that if you click on the Players on the left side, then Cmd+Click to select which ones you want to add or remove, then you can click the flow checkbox and add/remove them all at once. For some reason, this is faster than the other way around!

Hope this helps… –π