Feature Requests please make vst host server

i have Feature Requests please make my life easy and make a program that let you install vst into a folder and stream it over lan to the master pc were cubase is installed and integrate with cubase and let you work with plugins as if it was installed on the master pc

and Vienna Ensemble PRO is not like this if i want to put an eq and compressor from the slave pc i need to open the Vienna and load it on the other pc its not integrated with the inserts and the search

you can do that if you want wright? i would be happy to pay 400$ for such a program

Hi adiahha - would love your thoughts and contributions on this:


Maybe your server could be integrated into the APM.

You’re idea is a little bit more complex than mine maybe its rhe next step to integrate with another daws but i only wanted to be able to use more pc’s as another dsp for vst like uad only from a regular pc with regular vst support and from 1 giga lan instead pcie card with cpu on it, also if they make a pcie card that help running vst would be alao great option but its more of a hardware solution witch is less awesome