Feature Requests: Properties tweaks (bowed string indicators + clicking)


I’ve looked and don’t see mention of these, so I thought I’d drop the request here. If these exist, sorry for the post.

Roman numerals for bowed string indicators via properties menu: There is a feature which allows you to select the string on which the music is played. It would be nice to have a toggle for a Roman numeral for that string (and/or a “sul a/d/g” etc) to be added below the given note. Also, it might be nice to have this feature added to the “fingerings” popover by default, as it is similar to adding a fingering. Again, I haven’t found a way to do this, so if this exists already by default then let me know.

Clicking empty items in properties panel: Most items are clickable in the properties panel. It would be nice to make this visually obvious via a hover/opacity effect. It would be even more nice if everything was clickable. For instance, Checkboxes have a toggle before allowing to check. It should make sense to be able to directly click the checkbox, or at least set the checkbox as checked upon toggle by default. Really every box should be clickable, especially items like the slur positions, which require a toggle then the click of the position. I find this annoying and tedious when working long hours on many scores/parts.

(Some other examples of this include Partial beam direction left/right, harmonic type artificial/natural, bracketed noteheads round/square, staff relative position above/below, shift direction up/down, and others.)

UPDATE: Everything seems to be clickable on my properties panel, but some I can click directly in the middle and others I have to click around the border to activate. I restarted, open a new file and this is still an issue. Anyone else? Here is a video:

Some improvements have been made recently to the click areas, but no, not every item is currently clickable without aiming at the switch.

As to checkboxes being on by default, roughly 99% of these are an override for a global option set somewhere else. For every situation where you want a checkbox checked by default, someone else may say “but my global option is to have that thing turned on, so when I flick the switch Dorico ought to know that I want the checkbox unchecked”.

Side note: for positioning slurs etc. above or below, type F (for flip) - it’s much quicker.

It’s interesting that we can click on the edge of that button area, but not directly on the buttons.

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I know how to flip. I am a hotkey master. I have so many that I’m not sure how I keep it straight. The issue is that when I want an updown/downup slur, I have to open the panel, click the toggle, then click the option. Doesn’t a slur have a position regardless? Why not make these toggled by default? At least add the option to assign a hotkey to it. (that sounds demanding - I’m hangry and tired from a day of work - apologies)

This has been requested multiple times (once or twice by me, I guess…) and the developers are aware. For now, the use of a playing technique is the common workaround. I am not sure though, if the fingering section is the right place.