Feature requests: tap2find


I am satisfied of Groove Agent but what may me cause to migrate to Superior or Ez drummer is this function stated in their site

Tap your rhythm directly into EZdrummer 2 and have the program list the closest matches!”

this is definitely a huge time saver and you can avoid to browse hours on the different kits and style, just type the rhythm, and the program show you all the kits that have rhytms with similar accents. I really don’t want to buy another program :unamused: and I hope you can add this feature to Groove Agent, I think is quite a simple thing, it is just a search function but would make Groove Agent much more attractive


+1 Agree, extremely helpful

Yes, it’s a useful feature. Groove Agent 5se is crashing Cubase so I don’t get a chance to check it out.
Thinking of getting Addictive Drums 2 and this has a function that searches for similar beats to the selected one.

Yep. Steingberg, Listen Up!