Feature requests to make acoustic drum editing a more pain free process

1. Hit point marker threshold adjustment accessible through the quantize panel, per track.

Nothing slows workflow like needing to toggle-off group editing, go to the sample editor of individual tracks adjust hit point thresholds on every relevant drum, then toggle group editing back on just to get a semi-accurate set of hit points that I can splice a track to. All of this could and should be able to be done on the quantize panel, right where it says “hit point priority” it should also have threshold, reset, minimum length, beats, per track!!!

2. Hit point generation should be weighted at a frequency of your choosing at the TRACK, not event level.

Why? Because it would make sure that snare hits do not generate hit points when they come through a kick drum microphone due to bleed. For example, if I set the kick drum track to generate hit points at frequencies around 70hz then I will not end up with spam hit points being generated from my snare drum whose frequency is closer to 250hz, and vise versa. This feature could also be in the quantize panel to make life even easier.

3. Hit point default thresholds.

Just remember that I don’t ever want the threshold to be at 0%. Need I say more?

Editing acoustic drums for hard rock, and especially metal, can be a pain in the rear. These changes would literally shave dozens of hours off my workflow over the course of a year.

Please, Steinberg! Do the right thing! lol

Good points. Especially the frequency one.