Feature Requests (With Graphic Examples)


Instead of posting suggestions in writing. This thread has been created to provide graphical examples of feature requests and how they could be potentially implemented to the GUI. Will do my best to keep adding requests in regularly.

Feature Request 1 - Additional “Add Track” dialog box functionality.

Please click the link below to see the HD image, it’s much easier to explain it this way instead of typing out the suggestions or being restricted by the IMG dimensions for the forum.


Feature Request 2 - Disable Track BUTTON

Please add the ability to “Disable Tracks” using a button which can be assigned through “Track Control Settings”. Obviously there’s the right click method or the Keycommand, but to me it’s never quite made sense why this isn’t a standard option under “Track Control Settings”. Freeze function is already there, why not add this too?

haha - just a few days ago I was looking in the track control for a symbol to do that - until I remebered to have this happen by right click in the track…

Feature Request 3 - Batch Import for Icons

Currently, there is NO way to batch import more than 1 icon using the import function. Which is really frustrating for people who like using icons. It’s actually pointless having the “Import” tab, because it’s quicker to just drag and drop icons directly onto the mixer. The only real way to batch import a large quantity of icons, is by:

1. Create a blank .CPR file.
2. Create an Empty Folder and move the .CPR into that folder.
2. Create a “Track Pictures” folder inside of the new project folder.
3. Drag n drop ALL the icons you want into the Track Pictures Folder.
4. Open the CPR template and Cubase prompts you to “Add Icons”.

I get so many emails asking how to batch import icons and spend SO much time troubleshooting customers. Please, pretty please, for the sake of my thinning hairline, add the ability to batch import.

Feature Request 4 - Drag ‘n’ Drop Mixer

Being able to move channels around in the mixer and visibility panel, would be amazing. Also, having the option to choose weather or not these changes affect the main project window, would be great too.

Feature Request 5 - Expanded Expression Map List

When selecting an expression map from the tab you are presented with an INFINITE scrolling list (like the old colour pallet) which is really tedious. It would be much better if the list expanded to the right, so you’re not forever scrolling down.

Feature Request 6 - Expression Map Setup GUI Improvements

Creating expression maps is a real CHORE and it really does not have to be. Here’s how I think the expression map could be improved, it’s not perfect but you’ll get the idea.

  1. ( A ) - This button will automatically create and assign the output based on the “sound slots” remote setting.

  2. ( MIDI Icon ) - This button to allow you to create inputs just by pressing the notes on your Keyboard. Really would save so much time compared to typing out values… Another take on this would be a pop up window, that lets you input the starting key (for example C0) and the ending key (C1 for example) then it’ll automatically created all the sound slot inputs from C0 to C1. Save you so much time!

  3. The organisation and categorisation of expression maps is currently none existent. It would be great to create a folder structure (like in the picture) so you can easily brows through vendors and expression maps.

  4. For each input you assign, it would be great to colour the corresponding key on the keyboard below. Also, when you brows through patches you can see where they are mapped instantly.

  5. Like above, it would be nice to have another colour to show if you’ve moved your mappings to a different octave. As you know some people tend to map EVERY library within a certain key range. For example, all staccato patches on c-1, sustains on c#-1, etc… etc…

  6. Attribute and direction, make these clickable buttons. It’s so annoying having to open a drop-down menu just to change them.

Maybe put these into this thread as well, Matthias is asking for 5 workflow improvements:


I have a hotkey for disable tracks, but A button could be useful as well but not the icon you have picked as that is universal for phase reverse (which should be a track button option as well). Maybe just a box with a bold |X| in it.

I would add that there should be a search filter for track pictures.

Will take a look at the thread. Great additional suggestion btw! Yeah, I forgot that icon meant Phase haha. NVM, gets the idea across. That would be really awesome if there was a search function with folders.

Feature Request 7 - Colourise with Text Toggle

This is not so much a request for myself, but for others who really do rely on seeing the text next to the colour. A Simple toggle button would be fine, and instead listing colours vertically (like Cubase 9.5) have them stack to the right and have a couple of arrows to tab between pages of colours. Much easier to work with.

Additionally the “Project Colours” menu could also do with the GUI reworking so it’s more streamlined, less clicking and less pop-up. Using arrows to flick between colour pages, and having the colour wheel up permanently.


But there are better ways to port in batch of track pictures with todays limits.

On windows past your pictures to these 2 folders by using explorer window.

  • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\User Content\Track Pictures
  • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cache\Track Picture Thumbnails

I dont use mac. But it sould be something similar under user.

A other thing I miss is access to the track pictures from PLE. Would be so much of a time saver adding a nice PLE/macro to the colors or common used track names and have those pictures loaded in no time.

Massive A+ I mean +1 :laughing:

This looks way better!

Only thing I would ad, is the secret to making a big palette in a few min, instead of spending houres.

-Be able to select number of base colors and custom alter color tone of selection and ad it to palette. Today you can only change color tone of palette and save it as new default, and not ad the change to the default palette.

We must do some fancy xml copy/past editing on the fly to get that function. It works. But It would be much nicer having it all done in Cubase.

+100500 :exclamation: :bulb:

Yes. It be great if you could shift select a bunch of colours pick a base colour then have an option to create shade variations of the base.

Absolutely man, i like your ideas. I hope someone from SB will use them

Awesome suggestions and great work with the graphics! +1 to all of them

I wish Steiny would hire you as their designer…


You posted a lot of suggestions (7 total… I think). Some good, some not (maybe). No specific topic to discuss or agree with. Very confusing and we are still on page 1 of this thread.

I hate to see all your hard work get buried in a confusing maze of discussions. Yikes! :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Love these ideas @MarcusD - I think almost all of them posted here get a +1 from me.

Thanks for all your efforts - really helps to ‘see’ what (improvements) could be possible…!

Don’t mind me putting this here

I hope devs are seeing all these.