Feature Requests

Hi, I was using Sibelius and just switched to Dorico recently. There are some features I wish Dorico had.

1. Can add several instruments while keep the dialog open.
“Add Ensemble” is useful but most of the times what I want isn’t in the list.

2. Easier to change instrument names.
Something like the plugin “Edit Instrument Names” in Sibelius would be more than welcome.

3. Add "automatically adjusting page size and spacings based on instrument numbers.
Instead of having to adjust it manually, Dorico can automatically change the page size to make it fit.

I think these are all small things but they do make it more efficient. Finger crossed.

Welcome to the forum, jsnleo. If you use the key commands in Setup mode it’s pretty quick to add multiple instruments, e.g. Shift+P to add a new player and open the instrument picker, then type e.g. “cel” and hit Return and Dorico will add a cello instrument to the empty-handed player, then Shift+P again followed by “doub” and Dorico will add a double bass, etc.

Have you discovered Dorico’s Edit Instrument Names dialog? It’s accessed from the card for the player in Setup mode when you expand it to show the individual instrument(s) held by the player.