Feature requests

I’m happy I can finally use cubasis as for the first time I can use auv3 plugins without cubasis crashing since last update. Now that I am using it there are some things that frustrate me so I’d like to state these here in hope they get addressed.

Punch in and out recording is essential

When I double click midi clip the view is always way to zoomed out and I have to zoom in every time. It should be able to remember zoom distance.

I’d like to have the option for midi clips to auto merge, have it to select, hold on clip and glue every time I make a new recording is a workflow killer, although it can be handy at times so it would be good to have the option.

A duplicate button would be handy, much easier than cut and paste when performing while music is playing and ending up with section pasted at cursor point.

duplicate section in loop bracket would be great, which pushes all recorded material to the right to make room for duplicated content.

arm track on select is great but the option to monitor audio on select is essential.

in midi editor a double click to add note in select mode would enhance workflow

#scale lock in midi editor would be great

insert note velocity is essential.

recording notes by hitting on vertical keys in midi editor is great, imagine how much better it would be if we had access to velocity in said keys, perhaps hitting on any notes velocity could set the insert note velocity too, that would be very handy.

These are just some things I have thought of that would enhance the overall experience (coming from an Ableton Live users perspective)