Feature Requests

Fully agree with tempo and time signature changes. Not sure about some others - I don’t need another DAW but rather an even tighter integration of Cubase.


The ability to route midi out from the chord track to an instrument and use more sophisticated (9,11,13, alt…) type of chords (like chord track functionallity in cubase) would be a great adition.

Oscillators for DMX-channels.

Naming for DMX-fixtures. Fixture name on top? Fader purposes below? R-G-B-W-Dim-Strobe… and so on.

Grouping for DMX-fixtures. Freely.


stop of the track once played and move to the next (or not)


Notation in sync with the bars. As a guitarplayer I know the songs. But nowadays I work with very fine musicians, who are very dependant on sheet music however. And counting bars. It would help them a lot if the notation is in sync with the music.

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Importing scenes and presets from DMXIS.

  1. Ability to use easy Midi plugins like Xfer Cthulthu to control second layer vsti.
  2. Global macro controllers for all layers. Ability to assign parameters from different layers in a part to global macro knobs/sliders/switches to control it with midi-controller live.
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Wow this looks very nice and promising.

Can you please tell the user community if this very promising new program from your very reputable company will soon or eventually be Apple Silicon compatible?


Does a competition app exist that supports notation?

Folders to group plugins
Marker track
Zones resize- Add stacks and layers to right Zone

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I have a few suggestions for the next version(s):

  1. Assign MIDI controls to any layer parameter by right-click → “learn MIDI CC” (incl. min + max value + curve in preferences
  2. Switch to next/previous song/part via MIDI.
  3. Smooth keyboard zone transitions like e.g. KORG KRONOS offers
  4. Copy & paste of Layers does not seem to work.
  1. coming
  2. see Devices/Actions
  3. pls elaborate, also see Edit/Preferences/Layers/Sustain time
  4. works fine what do you do and expect
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1.plugins list with types.
2.mixer can change color and can be draged freely.
4.side chain for fx plugins.
5.can add more fx for one channel. 4 fx is not enough.
6.make the software more steady
Thanks for work!


Copy and paste indeed is working, now. Maybe it was a bug in the v1.0 release.
Regarding zone transitions: It would be great to have transitional regions between zones where both zones are triggered. Let’s say, you have Layer 1 for the left zone and Layer 2 for the right zone. The closer you play to Layer 1 within this transition region, the the louder you hear Layer 1 and the quieter Layer 2 becomes and vice-versa. Right in the middle of the transition region, you would have a 50% mix of Layer 1 + 2.

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  1. Performance stability, especially, LLP
  2. Importing tempo tracks from Cubase or at list following tempo changes from exported from Cubase media project
  3. Plugins automation like in Cubase? dedicated automation tab or smthg
  4. Creating Songs/Parts from Cycle markers of Cubase project
  1. Multiply Lyric tracks or something to display some time-stamped notes in mobile app, where everyone who connects can choose his own line e.g. “Half-time from next bar” or “Don’t forget about those Beatles-ish fill” to drummer, or “Don’t play this terrible intervals here” to bassist, etc.
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Metronome midi clock output


Ability to trigger parts on the next upbeat, like in Ableton Live.

Make parts switchable between “play on” or “stop” at the next part (metronome keeps going either way).

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Maybe Im missing it , but the Lyric size are way to small to use on stage.
Please make it easy to adjust size and color ( easy )

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VST Live Mods App for Android

At least as many (if not more) users of VST LIVE use Android devices!