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linear ramps are in the making.

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Please modify the plugin scan method to be Cubase like: if there is a new plugin Cubase scans it if not it does nothing.
Each time I add a new plugin I have to start VL, check the option to scan plugins on startup, close VL, wait for more than 5 minutes for a whole scan, then uncheck the option again.
it´s insane.

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Brilliant news!

What if you just leave it on?

if I leave it on it takes 5 minutes to start every time, worst.

Maybe it needs just an option to scan plugin folders from menu? Like in Cubase

Is it possible to make something with scroll and zoom behaviour? They are much more correct in Cubase

Also Lyrics editing is just pain, I just can not edit highlighting time of lyrics lines

that would be ok and useful but it´s not enough, Cubase handles it different, when you add a new plugin it takes 5 seconds to scan it and continue normal load, instead VL scans each plugin again (take 5 min in my PC with 200 plugins).

We are working on that too.

Don’t understand that sentence. You can edit a lyrics line by double-clicking it.

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But then it must get stuck scanning some plugin, scanning 200 already scanned plugs should not take that long.
Maybe you could send us your your scan folder at C:\Users(yourname)\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Live_64, thanks!

Here are the files.
To be precise it takes 6:40 min to scan all plugins everytime I start VL. This happens since version V1.0.0 it´s not something new.
Cubase takes 50 sec, so the problem is not my PC
Vst3Plugins.xml (327.5 KB)
Vst2Plugins.xml (34.1 KB)
Vst2Folder.xml (85 Bytes)
It shows an error with Ujam Kandy plugin which I have to accept then load continue.

Thank you, we will check.

By double-clocking I can just edit a text, and it’s not so efficiently with it’s tiny editing space on the top os the screen? but that’s not the big problem

Big problem is to move a row while it’s already added. It may hide under another row, it may be collapsed or, vice verca, and I completely don’t understand how to keep it under control and how to edit highlighting time of each row (when it highlights green by default)
I cannot even move rows “regions” in Tracks mode

Lyrics Editor is strictly tied to timeline, but you can drag/drop text and zoom if it overlaps.
We will also add a list editor (like with MIDI and DMX) for the lyrics track soon, and later you will be able to move events in the Tracks view.

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