Feature Requests

We are working on ramps.


Does this include ramps for tempo?

Yes, that’s the plan.

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It would be very helpful if the name of the active setlist could be displayed next to the setlist icon.

Setliste name

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VST Live Mods app running on AppleTV or tvOS (…or Android TV) so we could easily use bigger displays.

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  • Would it be possible to use Title Case when creating folder structure (Windows is all lower case)?
  • Is it possible to have the option to show faders from Tracks in the Mixer view?
  • Still need ability to independently zoom/stretch each track vertically.

Issue resolved. Spark now imports correctly.



Hopefully one small ask:

  1. An action to incrementally increase/decrease tempo to help precision ramping during a live performance.

A couple of probably big asks:
2. VST Midi output / routing to allow the use of VST sequencers or midi effects.
3. MCU support for smoother integration with hardware controllers and feedback (SMPTE, VU meters, etc.).

There is a Song channel in the Mixer view. When you click its E (edit) button, all the tracks channels are showed.

Oh sorry, I missed that. However It’s not saving my VSTi fader settings when I switch away to another song and come back. Fader position are recalled for audio only from what I can tell.

As well, I’m assuming the orange faders are for the MIDI portion of the VSTi. It would be great if we can hide these.

In summary, I’m finding it difficult to work with Tracks at the moment since that’s where I’m spending most of my time. Multi-track use is difficult at the moment as the UI is very cumbersome and there are too many features missing to point them out here in the forum. I was hoping to have stems so I can control/tweak the mix for a performance which I think what differentiates this product from others. I really like the Cubase integration, so that’s why I’m investing time into this product.

Perhaps it may be easier if I mixdown my projects in Cubase fully mixed and just use a single audio file in VST Live. Then I can load my layers as needed.

I find it strange that the already existing framework and UI from Cubase was not simply ported over rather than reinvent the wheel from scratch (VStack already had this framework years ago before it was abandoned). It would appear that VST Live is being developed in a completely different IDE. The app feels Linuxy or HTML5 web-like.

The fact that there are no metering options in the Mixer is perplexing, yet the fader control in the Layers view for each VSTi is proper with dB readings. As well, faders cannot be controlled with the mouse wheel for granular precision. I have no way of knowing what my overall mix is doing if I’m to use the multi-track capabilities.

Right now I would say it’s probably a solid VST host with everything you would need, but the tracking capabilities are not full release candidate yet imho (at least for the project I’m working on). Workflow needs a lot more work, which I’m happy to contribute to along with everyone else in this forum. I do realize the importance of keeping this a lightweight, very stable and fast performing app for live performances and not turning it into a Cubase as that would defeat the purpose, so I try to just focus on the essentials for feature requests.

I do like the idea of direct interaction with the dev team using a forum like this rather than use a JIRA/Devtrack process. The weekly releases with fast turnaround time are a good idea too while features are added and the product matures.



For this, I’m creating Group channels in the Mixer and sending each Track to the desired one. Group faders positions are not moving through Songs.

I have a Group for the bass, a Group for the Drums, and all other tracks stay in the Main output. As an audio interface, I’m using a Tascam Model 12 to plug the microphones, guitars and other real instruments. These audio sources are sent to VL Stacks, and VL Groups are sent back to Model 12 channels, so I can control their volumes effortless with faders.

A very handy configuration!

Use “Visibility” in the Mixer view (left top).

VST Live player is a backing track player and not supposed to replace fully fledged DAWs like Cubase. So yes, for more complex and more elaborated projects, you may prefer to use Cubase for that, and the export/import integration with VST Live makes it fairly easy.

It is a different project with a different team, there is no option to “simply” port it over, because that is a way more difficult task than you appear to think. The foundation for the VST Live player was already completed when it was decided to publish it.
Also let me repeat that VST Live was never designed to “compete” with Cubase or other DAWs of that extend, and you should compare it to similar products rather than to Cubase. Having said that, we’d again like to emphasisze on the possibility to export and import projects, which already provides lots of possibilities.

In the making, but we focus on stability first so it may take a while.

Thank you very much. The forum is indeed a great resource not just for us, but also for users providing real-world experiences and knowledge about the needs for those going on stage. We try our best to priritize those wishes and demands.

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They do not appear for MIDI tracks. Here is an example of a Song that’s using all MIDI tracks. As well, the grey (VSTi) faders (the one’s I actually want to use) keep reverting back to a default value. If I reset them to ‘0’ [CTRL + Click], the settings don’t stick when switching between songs:

I meant in concept rather than literal. Basically use the same UI. VStack is a good example of what I mean. But this is now moot point.

As already mentioned, I think I will do mixdowns in Cubase and keep the stems simple in VST Live, perhaps just using audio files. I have to prepare all the songs in Cubase anyways.


Oh sorry, you are correct, only the entire Song buss can be hidden.

A Song is an entity like an entire Cubase project, only global channels (Groups and Outs), and the Global Part assets “stick”. If you want certain Layers or Stacks to not change between Songs, you should have a look at the Global Part.

Please see my previous post with mixer image example. The VSTi “grey” fader values do not remain once I switch away from the song but instead revert back to a default value of [-20]. This does not happen with audio tracks. This problem is still present in version


  • Why does VST Live always default to creating folder structure \VSTLive even though I have selected my own root folder for the default location? This can get confusing when organizing project folders:

  • And is it possible to use Title Case when app auto-creates folders? Lower case seems to be a Linux practice due to case sensitivity. In Windows, folders are not case sensitive and present better when title case is used. I believe MAC is the same when using Finder.

  • It seems once a project folder is moved, media files can no longer be found even though they are located in the “audio” sub-folder of the project. I get message (Media offline) for all audio tracks and I have no way of relocating the files inside of the project:


  • Can Zoom in/out vert “G/H” also be applied to mixer view?


Tracks belong to a Song, they always change (even audi o tracks), if the fader values „stick“ it is only because they are set like that. Change it, switch Song and back and you see the change is persistent.
Layers (which I guess you mean by „VSTis“) exsist per Part, change some and switch Parts and Songs to see how it works, this is fundamental to VST Live, so you should understand that first.

Works here. In the hub, I change default location in the path there, exit, start over and the new location is default. You may need to check “Use default Location” in the hub?

No, this has been the default since version 1.0, and we cannot change it.

Audio files (but only audio files) will be found when those are in a folder named “audio” next to the project file (.vlprj).
To ensure integrity of pathes and media files, use the “Save Archive” function.

  • Can Zoom in/out vert “G/H” also be applied to mixer view?

will check