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This is working half-way with the upcoming version. Half way only, because you need to locate once before you open the window first. And we will also later store all video view informations per Song. That also relates to full screen re-opening which does not work yet either. But at least the view now knows its position, and size.
Oh, and double-click for fullscreen toggle also works. In fullscreen, a single click will also escape as it did before.

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Hi @musicullum,

thanks for your consideration, I’ll try the next release and wait…for the other half-way. :blush:

Both exsist already:

  • in the “Layer” category, it’s called “MidiEditOutput”
  • in the “Channels” category, there are “EditInsert1” and 2,3,4.
    Sorry for the “programmer nerd names”, we’ll provide “more human” names for those soon :slight_smile:

oh true, you were not lying :smile:
great for the “midieditoutput” but I want the name of the responsible for that name.
Regarding editing inserts we have them in Mixer but not in Stacks and in the Mixer the Quick Controls actions are missing.

The 1st Point is required

Albeton Like Cursor Changing in live playback

Possibility to mute tracks for all songs
Use case: A musician wants to mute his instrument (i.e. the bass) for all songs as he is the bassist and wants to rehearse without the bass track.

Would be great to have the option to select via one list which tracks can be muted.
For example:
The list shows all available track names of all songs in the setlist.
When in the list “Bass” will be muted then in all songs the track named “Bass” will be muted.

just my idea.
just create a group and assign each bass track to that group, that way when you mute the group it won’t play for every song

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Hey @Italyuser, that is a good idea and is the solution. Thank you!

happy to help you

Would it be possible to add pitch bend to the controller map so that it can be filtered out for a particular layer?

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Yes, valid point. We’ll figure something out.

…like this, next version.


Musical mode for audio tracks, as in cubase. Audio tracks need to be played at project tempo.


The operation manual page 83 states that “monitor mixes can be created in VST Live’s Mixer. By using the Mixer’s Send feature, you can create different mixes for each band member.”
Actually I could not find any info how and where I can find the “mixers Send feature” in VL.

I thought that this is supported e.g. in cubase pro in “cubase control room”.
If that’s the solution, then we need the “control room in VST live”.

Hi @Guitargoofy

This is working for band members going through VSTLive. Members are not part of VSTLive I/O chain, first have to be added to (you need as much input channels on sound I/O for sure)

Make 4 extra OUT channels for band member monitor auxes (e.g.: member1, member2, etc….)

Then go to their input channels in mixer view, click “e”. You will see SEND channels 1-4.
Select band members mon OUT’s from 1-4.
Pull SEND sliders for monitor mixing :slight_smile:

thanks, solved

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Hi. I’ve being using Cubase in my shows, handling audio, midi and video since 20 years and I’m trying to make a new show using VST Live right now.
Is there a way to advance Lyrics, page by page from an external midi command?
Many songs do not follow any track, and I need to change lyric’s page on my laptop display while I sing and play guitar, using some midi controller.

I use a midi guitar plugin, inserted in a stack.
It works fine using it’s own piano test, but the plugin’s midi output does not appear as an option for the Halion midi input

Hi @Riki_Musso,

can you please give us some more hints? It sounds that you are using the LYRICS-Tab with lyric events which are located at bar:beats or seconds? And you are not playing to a Metronome? I guess then is not possible to jump to a next “page”. But what about the VST Viewer Module? It can show pages. And we are playing to jump to pages with MIDI events. And you can already use MIDI-Events to jump to the next and previous pages.

it’s already in development. But we cannot say a date when we’ll add it.