Feature Requests

I figured out, that it is not possible to control a group or track fader in mixer.
I configured a group channel as a fx channel for the instruments.
But i cant set an action to control the fader of this group channel.

Please consider this in future releases.

Yes we will.

It would be nice to be able to run the playlist remotely, from the ipad.
I currently play the backing tracks from the Ipad with the SyncInside app, which does an excellent job, but I’m seriously considering switching to VST Live Pro, because it offers so much more possibilities. However, the way to run playlists from SyncInside is really intuitive and practical.
It would also be interesting to be able to run wave files with four channels, assigning them to different outputs. With Cubase (and SincInside too), I play a four-channel file, where it is embedded, apart from a stereo track, the click in audio format, which I assign to different physical outputs and it is very practical.
Sorry for my English, I’m using Google translate.

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Additional actions for more flexibility:
Especially for rehearsals it would be very advantageous if you could use the songs in the set list more flexibly via MIDI, these actions would be very good for that:

Next Song
Previous Song

Those are available (at the bottom of the “Action” list). If not yet - sorry, testing against coming version already :slight_smile:

Using .srt text format to import and export lyrics (SRT = subtitles for movie files)

I currently use Mainstage, which is great, however it is slow, and subject to crashing. Here are some features in Mainstage that would be great.

  1. An easy to use chord trigger. I am looking for a MAcOS one, and so far nothing is as simple, or logical.
  2. An Arpeggiator - The Mainstage one is very basic, and I’ve not found anything that seems to be easy to add in etc, even to Mainstage.
  3. Adding more customisable buttons and knobs. I have a Native Instruments and Nektar Keyboard, both with heaps of knobs and buttons. This would be great to be able to control the volume or mute layers in a track.

1- pre roll for playing not only for recording
2- cycle markers, commands like “P” in Cubase to locate a loop region to an event,snap to cursor, snap to event, track redimention for each track.
3- plugins personalized folders
4- change font color for lyrics and chords

Please, these things are esentials.

It would be nice if it could open PDF files especially being able to switch pages using a MIDI controller.

That is planned. Also page down as Action for the Notes module.

Done in 1.0.4, also image events are now sizable. You can also adjust transparency with the “Volume” control in clip info (will of course be improved, use dB for now) and video fades for images and video.
This also allows for overlays, where black translates to fully transparent.

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Scripting Language for VST Live

Traditional MIDI Scripter
Lets us accept a MIDI message and transform it. I’ve used this to make Chord Memorizers, Latching keys for drone pads, and all sorts of thing useful for live performance.

Even better Scripter
Have a scripting language that lets us control any VST Live Setting / Parameter / Plugin via MIDI or Keyboard inputs.

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And, of course, internal midi, if traditional plugin automation isn’t possible