Feature Requests

Thank you. These are just suggestions. :slight_smile:

Chort Trigger, Arpeggiator etc: MIDI Inserts are in the planning.

You can adjust Layer volumes (and pan) already via the Devices/Actions feature. This will be extended to control almost everything with keyboard shortcuts, remote, and MIDI messages.

I Use mainstage for live performance and yesterday i bought vst live.
In mainstage i use Steven Slate Drums and i routed everything in separate channels (kick,snare,tom etc)in every channel i put an eq ,comp.
I tried the same in vst live and i cant route the multi out of the instrument to the mixer…

VST Live does not support plugin multichannel routing yet, sorry.

  1. The Video-Track must play sound
  2. The sound Level-Representation Line in the Video-Track has to be dragable!
  3. Video Sound needs also a mute/solo button
  4. The Fade-In/out Handles of Video-Files has to work like “Sound-Fade in/out” in adjustments
  5. Video and Images need also an visual “Fade-In/Fade-out” Handle to blend them in/out visualy
  6. For Images the right “Length-Handle” has to allow the adjustment for “length” (longer than the default 10 Seconds :wink:
  7. Images need a visual representation when they overlap each other that allows to access the overlaped Handles of the overlaped Image

Same here. Stability is not as you should expect from a Steinberg product. I don’t dare using it live as long as it crashes with so little going on as I have used it for.

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Stability is No. 1 priority, and other sources claim quite the opposite. But if you experience crashes, we need those crashlogs in order to identify and fix them. Also very helpful is a description of what you did when a crash occurs. The vast majority of crash reports lead to plugins, so you may also narrow causes if you like, for if we know which plugin crashes (there are literally thousands out there), we can probably reproduce and possibly fix related crashes.

Automation of plugin parameters (cutoff/volume etc). Unless that’s already in there. Haven’t tried it yet. Waiting for trial version.

VST Live 1.1 is out. Thanks you all for your suggestions!
Here is a list of new features that are direct reactions to this thread. It is neither complete nor well ordered, some items may be duplicates and also included are features already available in 1.0.41 but were asked for here. Let us know what you think.

  • Tempo and time signature - Ability to have multiple tempo and time signature changes in each song.

  • Edit MIDI Data - Doesn’t have to be as deep as Cubase but at least similar would be great. Notes, CC, Program Change.

  • Re-order tracks by dragging.

+/- Generic Remote - Basically bring Generic Remotes from Cubase and allow us to configure MIDI controllers to control every single parameter in VST Live.

  • Slash Chords - Add the ability to use slash chords (For example: C/E)

  • Allow key commands like copy, cut, paste, delete.

  • displaying a PDF on a per song base

  • stop of the track once played and move to the next (or not)

  • Global macro controllers for all layers.

  • Marker track (Lyrics track is a Marker track)

  • Workspaces (called “Viewsets”)

  • ? Add stacks and layers to right Zone

  • Assign MIDI controls to any layer parameter by right-click → “learn MIDI CC” (incl. min + max value + curve in preferences

  • Switch to next/previous song/part via MIDI.

  • 1.plugins list with types.

  • 2.mixer can change color and can be draged freely.

  • Importing tempo tracks from Cubase or at list following tempo changes from exported from Cubase media project

  • Creating Songs/Parts from Cycle markers of Cubase project

  • Lyric size make it easy to adjust size and color

  • The possibility of being able to output Images (JPG/PNG) synchronized (i.e. with individual/different display times) like videos on monitors/beamers/video walls.

*/- Tooltips for all controls

  • stop in the end of a song, etc…

  • mp3 imports

  • Shortcuts for copy/paste, cut, drug-n-copy, etc

  • It would be awesome if we could put a “end trigger” on parts ends so, VST Live stops at this “end trigger” and jump to the the next part waiting for a play button push to Go !

  • trigger parts in VST Live with midi notes

  • Projectwide/songwide option in stacks/layers

  • screen saver off

  • Project zones/ Views saved with project
    */- Undo for all operations

  • Would be nice to have plugins split by vendor

  • More Keyboard shortcuts

  • it would be very useful to have at least some midi parameters available in each layer

  • Key Editor

  • Global FX (like fg. a Looper plugin, loaded in all songs)
    ? Global routing

  • video overlays

  • action to control the fader of this group channel

  • Adding more customisable buttons and knobs. I have a Native Instruments and Nektar Keyboard, both with heaps of knobs and buttons

  • 1- pre roll for playing not only for recording

  • 4- change font color for lyrics and chords

  • The Fade-In/out Handles of Video-Files has to work like “Sound-Fade in/out” in adjustments

  • Video and Images need also an visual “Fade-In/Fade-out” Handle to blend them in/out visualy

  • For Images the right “Length-Handle” has to allow the adjustment for “length” (longer than the default 10 Seconds :wink:


An awesome update!! Wow! Personally, I only need the automation (which I know is on the way) and that it be in Spanish hehe From then on I don’t know if I’ll miss anything more, but it already looks incredible! :slight_smile:


Great Update! Thanks for adding so much user requested features!

VST Live looks like it would be a great solution for me, but without being able to synchronise to SMPTE it’s useless.

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Midi Clock, MTC, and LTC output is scheduled for the PRO version, external sync not yet.


Thanks, for me VST live can only be the slave

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In my test project switching between parts stays delayed. Will try to make it from scratch, but looks like preload still doesn’t work

Gloglal Transport for MIDI and CHORD TRACK to reflect the new change…

Preload does work fine.
The question is still what is in the Part you select, plugins, tracks, stacks…
When you activate a Part, its plugins become activated. We have no power over what those do; if the Part was preloaded, we did all possible beforehand.
Also note that there may be a visual delay, as MIDI and audio devices, ports, loading/activating plugins etc. has priority over user interface (display). Then, depending on whether or not notes or pedal are still sounding, and Layer sustain time (preferences), the current Part may still be active in addition to the newly selected one. All of this may cause the user interface to lag a bit. However, despite of all of that, even with my most complex projects, those are pretty much negligeble here.
So if you want help for this, we really need to know exactly what is in the selected (and preloaded) Part, possibly a test project (no content like audio/MIDI files required, just the .vlprj file).

I don’t understand that, sorry.

Simple, you set root note like Cubase and nuendo, that if you have to change, the chords track that you already typed also see the changes and follow root note, so you don’t have to erase and type the new change.

This is something that beginners musician playing is school band or House of worship will find helpful