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Visual transpose for chords, got it. Good idea, will check.
Btw. for “real” global MIDI Transpose, there is a Preference Layers/Global Transpose.


Visual Transpose will be added with the next version

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  • possibility to lock triggers in the setlist panel to prevent accidental changes

  • increase performance when importing mp3 files (since the last update, importing an mp3 file takes several minutes while importing a wav file of the same song takes a few seconds)

  • Possibility to create track templates and load them into a song

  • visualization and editing of song parts in the tracks view (similar to arranger track) to be able to align audio events and easily move triggers

  • visualization of the song structure in the VST Live Mods App incl. progress within the parts and highlight the active part

cannot reproduce this at all with various mp3 files. What’s your system? Could you send an mp3 that loads slowly?

Yeah. A pdf display to show some noted chords /notes or so would greatly help in that “wtf was the beginning of that one again?” - issue.
Also maybe even a popup for self defined warnings like “Set the Mod wheel to zero!” or “Slow leslie speed” might be welcome

Hi musicullum,

below is the data of my system:

  • Windows 11 Home
  • Intel(R) Core™ i7-8565U CPU @ 1.80GHz, 1992 MHz, 4 cores, 8 threads
  • 12 GB RAM

Thanks in advance

Did you check the “Notes” module (“Views” menu/Notes)?

Said Notes module now has a time mark feature which scrolls to the mark when that time is reached.

That file looks corrupt, it reports an invalid header. However Windows plays it fine.
How did you create it?
Thanks for sharing anyway, we will try to fix it.

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I created it with an external converter to shrink it because I can only upload files up to 4 MB in the forum. The original file is 11MB (Audio Click 8 minutes) and was exported directly from Cubase 12 Pro. if you can tell me how to provide the file, please let me know

Thanks, we can reproduce it and are looking at it right now.

Create a Part and give it directly the number of bars instead of positionning the start to the timeline and click on trigger

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In the “Notes” feature, the possibility to name the Time Marker.
Instead of having [time sec 28.7324], it could be the name of the Part.


Hi guys. Some feature requests for VST LIve please…

1 - Can you add a snap grid to the chord track please? At the moment, we can only apply a new chord on each beat. Some songs need a chord change on the 8th notes as well & as such, they are appearing too late on the screen.

2 - We need a major overhaul & upgrade to the DMX track. I use ENTTEC’s DMXIS & so far I’ve not figured out how to get VST Live & DMXIS to communicate. Can you please implement full automation capabilities, like in Cubase’s automaton tracks? This will then enable us to write fade ins & outs on each DMX channel. Please bear in mind that a lot of us use moving heads, which require this functionality. A simple ON & OFF of data on a DMX channel will not give us the control we need to move the head.

3 - Also, even though I’ve pointed VST Live to my VST plugins folder, I am only seeing my VST3 plugins. I have a LOT of VST2 synths & effects that I need to use & so at present I’m very limited.

Thanks guys. I look forward to the next update.


In addition to this suggestion, if I have my song already created with all parts, and I want to add a new part (for example to the beggining), it should shift automatically all the triggers of next parts.

When opening a project, having the possibility to activate the Preload or not.

But how should it know by how much you want to shift it?

menu File/Preload…, there you can check or uncheck the “Always preload” box.

Let me explain again my suggestion :

I want the possiblity to set the size of each part in bars. Example, I create 4 parts : A, B, C, D.
I want to set part A = 8 bars, B = 4 bars, C = 8 Bars, D = 10 bars. So automatically, VST Live knows that

  • A start at 1.0.0 to 9.0.0
  • B starts at 9.0.0 to 13.0.0
  • C starts at 13.0.0 to 21.0.0
  • D starts at 21.0.0 to 31.0.0

Then, If I add a new parts between one of the existing parts, VST Live have to automatically calculate the shift. Example :

I create a new part E with a size of 2 bars. I want to move E at the begginng of the song => VST live can recalculate automatically the position of all the others parts :

  • E starts at 1.0.0 to 3.0.0
  • A starts now at 3.0.0 to 11.0.0
  • B starts at 11.0.0 to 15.0.0
  • C starts at 15.0.0 to 23.0.0
  • D starts at 23.0.0 to 33.0.0
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Ok, we may add a means to set the Part duration in the Trigger List.
Defining Part duration beforehand is not yet applicable, because Parts are not just definitions of position and length. But I see your point, so given that all Parts have a trigger time, when you insert a new Part (or paste/move from elsewhere), we might ask if you want to set a duration.

In layer mode it would be helpful to be able to select more than one MIDI input device at a time for a layer. The VST Viewer works better but being able to resize the viewer would be very helpful with different size PDF sheet music

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