Feature requests

Hey all at Dorico -
Fantastic job so far - really enjoy the concepts behind the program, and realise that there are still some things to iron out. It fulfills well the need for a professional engravement system, and acknowledges well the compositional process.

Features that would be useful to me in future versions:

Write mode:

  • a hotkey that reveals key bindings graphically (i.e. hold down shift and a little “M” appears beside the meter button for e.g.)
  • More of these keystrokes evident in hovering over - Tuplets for example doesn’t display “;”
  • a niggle, but a way of choosing behaviour by default e.g. if I always want tuplets to go across bar lines (fantastic feature btw)

Play mode:

  • A graphical representation of the score in an optional panel below (I don’t really use this feature though and am aware you can just hit space or P in write mode)

Engrave mode:
This I think needs the most work

  • Templates - The current default template is a bit bare bones and not very nice as a layout. We could do with a designer spending some time presenting different layouts which the user could choose from
  • An easy graphical way to insert placemarker text without having to type {@flowTitle@} for example (if that’s right?)
  • As has been pointed out elsewhere, a way to allow more than one flow on one page, so I can include several short piano movements on one page for example
  • The ability to just “delete” a page. At the moment Dorico creates an extra page so that all music is shown, but this shouldn’t be necessary - maybe take a leaf from Quark or InDesign and have a warning at the end of the frame showing that there is content not displayed.
  • Ideally, this interface needs some clarification, and more options available graphically. Perhaps instead of having a fixed master page, have page templates that you can drag in?
  • Some CSS style functionality would be appreciated here - an easy way to globally change appearances of fonts etc. away from editing the score directly (i.e. a styles panel)

Sorry - quite a wish list there, and probably more to come…

Edd :slight_smile:

This has been possible all along. The flow titles etc. (beyond the first) won’t appear automatically, though

it is true, and I have managed to do it, but for some reason a copy of the flow was still on the second page, and I couldn’t get rid of that. It could do with some way of generating the layout more effectively, and also, as you point out, being able to deal with section headers better.