Feature: Select to next double barline

I am constantly trying to minimise my mouse usage, and there is one of the last things I am using it effectively to do. I want to select the remaining bars of the current broader musical phrase - which I have delimited with double barlines.
We have Select More - great! It works in the vicinity and system wide.
What I would propose as another Quality of Life improvement is to have an option to select music on selected staves up until the next double barline.

It would allow me to copy music in logical chunks, if there is music - or, f.eg. in drumset notation workflow - it allows me to select all the bars needed for a repeat region at once, without using the mouse.

Thank you for the wonderful update of Dorico 2.2, and I am waiting for more great prodictivity enhancements in Dorico 3!


I like this. I would also love to be able to jump directly to double barlines. Tab/Shift-Tab jump to the next/previous normal barline, maybe by adding Ctrl one could extend that to jump to double barlines/repeat signs etc.?

This is an interesting idea. You want this to work for Select More specifically, or you want a new command like Select to End of Flow?

I was thinking that select to flow would save a lot of geography. But select to next double or thick barline would also save a fair bit of time.

The original request might be the tip of an iceberg here. Select to next/previous rehearsal mark? Tempo change? Instrument change? etc, etc…

All useful… Also select from selected back to beginning of flow…
In all seriousness, these are bread and butter things that could save a great deal of time.

+1, esp to the select (or navigate to) next/previous double bar line or rehearsal mark.

I fear Rob is right. I imagine most power users would be happy with the ability to assign custom keystrokes. I doubt it would need to be incorporated into the “select more” function.

I was thinking about a new command.
Interesting additional ideas, Rob! I would add Select music till chord change to the list of unusual, but strangely effective commands.