Feature suggestion - 8va

I wish that 8va would work differently. I have notes using seven and eight ledger lines that are then lowered using 8va. It would be nice if I could write the lowered pitch instead and then select 8va.

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Yes, that does seem a more logical way to do it. But there may be a general design principle at work here that we’re not aware of. At least it’s possible to select the music and transpose by an octave in a few key strokes. So you can write at the octave you want, add 8va, and then transpose back up.

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None of the clef changes perform transposition. It is a notational change not a musical change. So 8va/8vb are clef changes and do not modify the music. If you want to transpose then use the shift-I tool, popup “t+p8”

Or simply ctrl-alt-up


Octave lines are in the same panel as clefs, and they are functionally similar, as far as Dorico is concerned. (Ignoring the whole ‘cosmetic’ ottava clefs thing.)

Applying an octave line above notes displays the notes at a ‘transposed’ pitch, down an octave from their sounding pitch, essentially the same as if you were using an ottava sopra clef.

(with “respect octave indicator” turned on in Notation Options…)

I think the design principle is that one writes the pitches that are meant, and an 8va is just a cosmetic change in how these pitches are displayed, but the pitch never change.

If I were to write the lower pitch and add 8va on top, accidentally deleting the 8va (or changing my mind later for a part etc…) would change the actually music.
This would never happen in the way it’s implemented in Dorico.

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The method I use is for the 8va/8vb bars where I want to add notes at the modified 8va/8vb location is;
Insert the first and last notes over the bar range affected by the octave lines, then add the octave lines (8va/8vb) to change the note positions.
Now you can add notes inbetween the first and last note at the corrected octave positions.
If you remove the octave lines all notes revert to actual played position.
Hope this helps.

I did something similar: I pressed M, returning the notes back to the bass clef. Then I entered the 8va note. Afterwards, I selected the bass clef notes and pressed N.