Feature Suggestion - Automation Logarithmic View

hi Steinberg

i use a gain stage that is low throughout Cubase, and all of my volume envelopes and points are low. all of my movement in my envelope points are at the very bottom of the lane! its very hard to set accurate envelope points, even though i open up the lanes to be very big when doing detailed work, it is still down the very bottom of the lane that all the action happens.

please put in a view option for the Automation envelope lanes that is Logarithmic, not just linear, so that i can use more of the automation lane. i am sure i am not alone in keeping my volume levels low in mixer channels. Indeed it is becoming standard for ppl to keep the gain stages in DAWs low, it is recommended in many magazines including in this months issue of Future Music. So i am sure this would be useful for many.


It is fiddly, have you tried using the info line to set automation points?

I tend to use the info line most of the time, and I actually tend to keep the faders further up than I should and then lower the master.

Steinberg could implement a magnification slider like that used for the waveform pictures. In fact, they could just attach the automation scale to the same slider maybe? With an on/off preference of course.


I’d buy that for a dollar! :wink:
Nice idea actually… i use a Frontier Aplhatrack controller now which is pretty accurate but i like to work with ‘cooler’ levels too and it would be very handy having the option for higher resolution, also on the tempo map too, i like to put in very subtle timing changes in and it can be VERY tricky, having shaky hands doesn’t help much either but the option for higher resolution would be most welcome IMHO.

another good idea falling on seemingly deaf ears.

Steinberg? no response.

what is the point, i should have saved the pain in my wrist typing this thread.

and they proudly proclaim that they “listen to users”.


Actually from what i’ve seen so far the midi side of things at least is catered for in C6 with the edit note in place options… looks pretty cool from what i’ve seen!