Feature suggestion: Deactivating individual instruments rather than just whole players in setup mode

This may have been discussed already, but I’d love to see some additional checkboxes for individual instruments in setup mode so that as well as deactivating individual players in a flow, one could deactiviate just certain instruments. Maybe something like this:

I can see how this might help in a general situation with a big score, but if you have the situation where your keyboard player is playing only piano in Flow 1 and only synths in Flow 2, you can create two players (one for each instrument) and the combine them both in one part layout.

I’m not sure why you want one guitarist to have two different “electric guitars” - but if the reason is something to do with playback, the next release might solve the problem.

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea - just that you might not actually need it.

It’s more that one might have a situation where a player is doubling or tripling in one flow, but not in another, or tripling in one and just doubling in the other. It seems to me this might be the simplest way of dealing with that.

(The two guitars in the example is purely for playback purposes - I just happened to use the file I had open at the time for the example)

Colin, can you say more about why you need this? It’s because you want to prevent the staves for those instruments appearing in galley view when you’re working in that flow, or something else?

Sorry for bumping in but to me it’d be really useful to have an option to temporarily hide some instruments in galley view.
When writing for orchestras/bands with lots of doublings it’s very easy to put some notes in the wrong instrument, which has happened to me.
Just as an example I’m right now working on a big band project where only the doublings in the sax section results in 18 instruments…
So yes, some sort of temporarily hiding of instruments would be highly appreciated. :+1::grinning::trumpet:

If this should be managed in an extra score layout or what I guess you’re the best guys to find out.

It would be useful to regain the space in galley view.

Hi Daniel - sorry, just getting to this now. Yes, it is primarily to reclaim some real estate in Galley View.

But also (and I’m typing away from the computer with Dorico on it, so might be mis-remembering), so that naming of parts is clearer - if memory serves the name of a player is based on the instruments within that player’s part, so ‘clarinet & bass clarinet’. Another flow might have only bass clarinet, so having the clarinet reference in the name might not be applicable. (If it were separate movements of a piece, it still make sense to include the doublings, but flows don’t necessarily equal movements. I’m finding myself using flows for a number of pieces of similar but not necessarily identical line-ups).

I realise it’s very easy to rename a part, but if one could deactivate an instrument, then one wouldn’t need to.