Feature suggestion: Find range of selection

I’m now using Dorico exclusively for all my typesetting but need to keep a copy of Sibelius running to use its ‘Find range’ plugin for calculating ambituses (ambitæ? ambitodes?). Is there something I’m missing already built in perhaps?

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You’re not missing anything, as of now there are no analytic tools like that built into Dorico. You could always just do it by eye, of course, if the size and complexity of your project allows it. Or perhaps Filter by Pitch, start at one extreme, then go up chromatically until you get something selected?

Only to satisfy my own linguistic OCD: the Latin plural of ambitus is ambitūs with a long ū. Not sure about English though… :nerd_face:


Only to satisfy my own comedic OCD: I’m definitely using the word ambitodes in general speech from now on (for what purpose? who knows…). Too great an opportunity to pass up :rofl:

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