Feature Suggestion for New Template Creations

I’d like to be able to export a template based on a current project instead of creating one from scratch. This functionality could provide the following (selectable) options during a template export:

  1. Reset the audio pool’s content to empty when the new template is used.
  2. Remove all automation.
  3. Reset all faders and knobs to unity gain.
  4. Defeat (or default) all pres / EQs, inserts, and sends.
  5. Remove ARA references.
  6. Remove all notepad entries.
  7. Remove anything else that could be considered “per session”.

It is currently cumbersome. I have to reopen the new template, make the necessary changes, and overwrite the newly created template. It would be great to have a template that was ready the first time it was opened after creation.


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Add the optiona feature-request tag to your post, please.

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+1 Good Idea

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