Feature suggestion for text

I would like to suggest a feature that makes Dorico amalgamate different texts into one. For example when a divisi change happens at the same time as playing technique and shift-X text, that they make in to one instead of this:
Skærmbillede 2021-10-20 kl. 16.01.38
And I know I can customize a lot myself, but I’ve alway wondered why the font size between the three are different.

While we are at it (and I’m sure you are working on this one) I would like to universally have the player numbering be like Horns 1/2 here:

and not worrying whether 3/4 share stem or not. It

a) they’re different because they’re different things - the “div.” is a player label for condensed staves, “arco” is a playing technique, and the “misterioso” is I’m guessing staff-attached or system-attached text? You can control the size of these independently (player labels and text items use paragraph styles, playing techniques use a font style) and make them the same size, if you like. Or simply graphically move e.g. the player label down closer to the stave.

b) This is already possible, see here.

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Thank you very much, Lillie.

Regarding the first suggestion it’s simply a request for Dorico to keep them together and intelligently boil it down to “div. arco” for example. Or for trumpets ‘a2, con sord.’

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I often combine these objects manually into one staff text/divisi/playing technique object (using properties like prefix/suffix etc.) for exactly this reason. I doubt Dorico will be able to do this automatically anytime soon, but it would be nice. As a matter of fact, I think most of these different text styles should actually be quite similar in font size, but maybe that’s a personal preference.

Another little feature I would like to see for text:
If you only divide a string section into two groups the name in the staff label simply adds a line break and the word div.
So in unison it’s called Vl. 1; next line with a two-way divisi:

Vl. 1

and would be in secondary bracket.
It would be nice to choose this as an option.

Another little wish:

Show timecode at start of flow.

It’s very useful to have this settings for parts when making materials for a live synchronized show (TV, live-to-picture etc.). It’s useful for players that have monitoring to know when the next cue starts.